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#Puppymonthly: Meet Oliver!

Say hello to Oliver, our very first #PuppyMonthly from over the pond!
Oliver O’Donnell (Small Man / Baby Boy) | 6 Months Old
Where do you live and who with?
I live with my Mom and Dad in NYC.
What’s your favourite pastime?
Stealing the remote when Mom’s gone and changing the music she leaves on for me to my favourite show, Downtown Abbey.
Who’s your best friend?
My Auntie Fiona (an English Mastiff).
What’s your favourite toy?
My fuzzy lamb – or the toilet plunger.
What makes you happy?
Playtime with friends!
What makes you sad?
When Mom and Dad go to work
Who’s your biggest role model?
Probably my Mom, I follow her everywhere so I can watch her and see what she’s doing.
What song best describes you?
I really love Singin’ In the Rain. Even when it’s raining I love to romp and splash in puddles, I’m just SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME!
If you were a human for a day what would you do?
Drink all of Dad’s coffee and Guinness. I LOVE to try to sip from his glass or mug when he isn’t looking. Mmmmmmm…
If you had to choose two new celebrity owners who would you choose?
I’m not really a celeb pooch. I’d probably live with my Gram, Gramps and Auntie Fiona in Pennsylvania if I had to choose.
Are you a dog or cat person?
I’m really friends with everyone!
If you could be any other animal what would you be and why?
A bird. I love watching them and stalking them.
What’s your top three tips for getting cosy?
Find a cosy corner, lay on your back and stick your paws in the air.
Which TBCo blanket would you choose to get cosy on?
I love them all! I do look quite good on the Lindsay though

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