Your 5 Staycation Picnic Essentials

Picture this: the sun shining down, a spread of homemade tasty treats and the warm laughs of your nearest and dearest that you thought you'd forgotten. Sounds perfect, right? While so much has been cancelled this year, picnics are something we can still celebrate, so make your staycation a little more exciting with an unforgettable picnic! 

colsie (kol-zee) / origin: Old Scots for ‘cosy

1. The feeling that comes with being present, inviting closeness, and appreciating the things that last

2. The act of slow living and making time for the people and things that soothe our souls

Picnics are truly magical. They come in many forms with no strict rules or textbook-perfect examples. They bring us together over the love of the outdoors and delicious homemade sandwiches. Sitting on the ground together comes with a sense of nostalgia, bringing out the childlikeness in all of us. Think playing frisbee, running around until you tire yourself out, kicking a ball around with dad, overindulging in homemade sandwiches, and of course, ice cream melting all over your face. It's been said the measure of a good day is needing to shower before dinner.

Picnic Perfect Spots

The beauty of a picnic blanket is that you don’t need to venture further than your own home for the perfect picnic! Why not host a garden picnic party, where the bathroom is close, and the chilled prosecco is even closer. And if you live anywhere like Scotland, where the weather is highly unpredictable, you can roll out your blanket on your living room floor. Dry, cosy and close to the kitchen for when you run out of snacks. Read on for our 5 picnic essentials to put the magic back into your staycation!

1. Picnic Blanket

What’s a picnic without a blanket? Roll your blanket out on a grassy field or sandy beach for an instant dining spot. Our recycled wool blankets are soft and durable due to their tight weave, large enough for the whole family to gather, as well as machine washable (yes, machine washable!). So when the inevitable food and drink spillage happens, know you can easily freshen up your blanket. The only decision you have to make is between a traditional tartan or a contemporary lifestyle design!

2. Picnic Drinks

Gotta stay hydrated! Bring a reusable water bottle for easy refills. For something a little different, check out Tame & Wild and be transported to an English rose garden with their selections of sparkling drinks! And if it’s a romantic picnic for two, some bubbly and a cooler will go down a treat. If you have been left in charge of the drinks, then you mustn’t forget glasses and a corkscrew! 

3. Picnic Nibbles

Keep the food easy, but delicious! Go fancy with a cheese platter, or keep things classic with a thousand homemade sandwiches. It might be time to finally try that new potato salad recipe that you've had saved for a while, too! Special occasion? How about some sweet treats from Lagom & Love or Litty’s Larder. Whatever you decide on, make sure there’s lots of it! After all, you’ve not successfully had a picnic without over indulging in too much food.

4. Picnic Sustainably

If you’re planning on venturing out from your home, make it sustainable! Picnics can generate a lot of plastic waste, and the only plastic waste we want are those saved from landfill and woven into our recycled wool blankets! Ditch the single use plastics for something more friendly on the planet. Use some of the odd Tupperware you’ve gathered in your kitchen cupboards, and bring plates and cutlery you can take home and wash. Once your picnic is over, bellies are full, and you’ve taken the perfect Instagram shot, don’t forget to clean up your mess and dispose of it correctly.

5. Picnic Companions

We might not be able to choose the perfect weather for a picnic, but we can choose the perfect companions to share it with. As the patterns of life begin to resume little by little, and our small bubble of people starts to grow again, think about reuniting over a picnic. Celebrate milestones missed and those faces we’ve been yearning for.

Whether it’s your favourite spot or somewhere new, roll up your picnic blanket, grab your polaroid camera you’ve been keeping for a special occasion and make some good memories this year. We could get used to this staycation business.


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