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#puppymonthly: Meet Rosie

This month we're introducing you to our four-legged friend Rosie, or Roo Roo as she likes to be called. Rosie was the very lucky winner of last month's #puppymonthly Facebook competition and aren't we glad, she's just adorable! Find out more about Rosie and her happy puppy life on her family's farm below.

(Rosie/ Roo Roo) | Cocker Spaniel

Where do you live and who with?
I live with my family on a working farm in the north east of England. It smells amazing and I love the chickens!

What’s your favourite pastime?
My favourite pastime is scattering all the Chickens and following wherever my nose takes me!

Who’s your best friend?
I live with a big ex police German Shepherd called Chas and we love to play fight. I also have a friend called badger who is the same age and breed as me and we run round and round for hours!

What’s your favourite toy?
My favourite toy is 'duck' he was my first toy. I also really love socks. It's my mission for all the socks in my home to be odd!

What makes you happy?
Food makes me happy. I will do anything for food!

What makes you sad?
I really don't like being left alone. I will cry and cry and even howl!

Who’s your biggest role model?
I don't really have a role model. I'm defiantly my own big personality.

What song best describes you?
Dead or alive ' you spin me right round' would be a suitable song for me as I have been known to chase my tail and I love running round and round outside. I never go in a straight line.

If you were a human for a day what would you do?
I would definitely drive the car! I love getting in the car. I don't care whose car, even the post man's van. And it would also be brilliant to reach up on the kitchen counter tops.

If you had to choose new celebrity owners who would you choose?
If I had to choose celebrity owners I would probably go for someone like Jamie Oliver so I could try all the food! Or Usain bolt to see if I could keep up with him as I love a good doggy dash.

Are you a dog or cat person?
I'm probably more of a dog person. I want to be every dog's friend, even if they don't like me I will still try to play with them. I live with a cat called Tiger but she never wants to play.

If you could be any other animal what would you be and why?
I would be something that can fly! I love watching and running after birds and I try to jump as high as I can to reach them.

What’s your top three tips for getting cosy?
1) I love to be on the same seat as my owners, even if I have to squish myself in.
2) If they move I like to pinch their warm spot.
3) Laying upside down is best, preferably with a toy in your mouth. Also being upside down allows you to snore really loud!

Which TBCo blanket would you choose to get cosy on?
I really like the traditional Scottish classic wool blankets. They look really comfortable! And I also really suit tartan and have a matching collar and lead in red tartan.

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