A Note from E&F: We're in This Together

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A safe space for community thinking, rest and inspiration for turning isolation into hibernation, because now is the time to get close, no matter the distance.

Hi there,

Hope you’re sitting comfy with a cuppa because this is a long one!

What a few weeks it has been and I’m sure you are feeling it as much as we are. We have had times of panic, times of acceptance and times of laughter, because sometimes you just need to have a chuckle to relieve the tension. We hope we can help support you and your struggles as we all go through this challenging time together. 

Although we are in a time of isolation, which can feel incredibly lonely, we have come to take a lot of comfort in the fact that we are all going through this difficult time together. We are divided physically but united emotionally, and that emotional connection is something we feel has always been woven into The Tartan Blanket Co. 

We are fortunate to operate primarily online and have been encouraged by the Government to continue to operate at this time. Although we understand blankets are not an essential in the way that food and shelter is, we know that they bring a lot of comfort to many, especially at these times when people are not there to comfort loved ones when they need it most. We like to think that gifting our blankets is like sending a hug, and it sure feels like everyone could do with a hug right now! 

Just as our products are filled with warmth and love, our operations are full of thoughtfulness, safety and caution, which are necessities at this time. We want to outline some key points on how we are keeping everyone safe and supported. Please let us know if there is anything more you think we can do. Now more than ever, we’d love to hear from our colsie community.

Following all government guidelines on deliveries:

While we've closed the doors to our studio-shop, our online shop is very much open! This is when it really comes in handy to have started as an online business in the first place. We’re thankful to be able to safely ship your orders worldwide. We’ve minimised our warehouse team who are following social distancing and following sanitising procedures strictly whilst carefully wrapping your orders. 

Our deliveries are managed by Royal Mail, DPD, DHL & FedEx who are all following the latest government guidance to keep everyone safe and well. They have been in touch to let us know that parcels requiring a signature will be signed for on your behalf to minimise contact. 

Looking after our team:

Our team is the heart and soul of The Tartan Blanket Co. and their safety and wellbeing are at the forefront of all our decisions. All of our staff are being supported financially and emotionally (sometimes this looks like therapeutic facetime calls and other times it looks like sending each other photos of our pets), and we will continue to do so in the best way we can.

While we continue to operate, our office team is now working from home, with only essential warehouse team members working in our studio. Those in the studio have been reduced to two or less at a time and are working far more than the Government suggested distance apart (we’re lucky to have a large ventilated warehouse that makes this possible) and following strict hygiene measures for their own and our customers’ safety. 

Working with our partners overseas:

We are staying in close contact with our overseas partners to ensure they are keeping safe and well. In Inner Mongolia, we delayed production as they experienced what hopefully was their peak. As India has gone into full lockdown, we expect the same and are offering our support in every way can and prioritising their well being as our greatest concern. 

When the virus emerged, our immediate response was to research the properties of the virus and understand if overseas shipping was safe. Thankfully, studies have found the virus dies on surfaces over the course of three days and it takes at least a month for our goods to reach us.

Continued support for charities:

Like many small businesses right now, times are challenging, but our commitment to our charity work is stronger than ever. We are continuing to set aside 2% of all revenue to donate to environmental and humanitarian charities. We are currently looking into charities helping those who are most affected by the covid19 crisis and will be committing our 1% for the people to this cause. We will share further details later in the year about the difference it made.

We are also in touch with charities on ways in which our staff can donate work time to help those most at risk. We are committed as a team and as a company to doing our part in ensuring the safety of all we can, and offering compassion where possible.

Thank You to our frontline workers:

We are grateful for everyone working on the front line. Without you, there would be no help for those in need and no way to keep everyone safe and healthy. As a small way to say a huge thank you for their commitment and selflessness at this vital time, we would like you to nominate anyone working in the frontline and we will randomly select one a week to receive one of our blankets as a hug from afar I’m sure they could do with right now! Whether it be someone in the NHS or someone keeping the supermarkets running, we would love for you to show your support for anyone playing a critical role and nominate them here.

To Our Colsie Community: 

Stay home and get colsie.

Lastly, our commitment to you, our loyal customers and community, is to offer you as much support as we can and be a place of rest for you amidst the chaos. Our team is working hard to keep you entertained with fun activities such as our blanket competition, which you can learn more about here, and we have been blown away with the response so far. We are trying to share as many ideas and activities as we can to keep hands and minds busy, when it is easy to get overwhelmed by the daily news updates. We also very much welcome any further suggestions of things that you have enjoyed during this time of slowing down, or how you have managed anxiety and tapped into the online communities out there. 

We are also prioritising sharing with you about what is going on with us and our company and team, the real humans behind the brand, so that we get a chance to connect with you on a personal level. Let's put the social in social distancing! We, like you, are learning to adapt to our new situation and ways of working and interacting with others. We are all in this together and the shared experience is what unites us right now. Truly, the most positive thing to come out of this, is our sense of community and support for one another at the most challenging times. So thank you for helping to be a part of this community and helping to keep us going!

I hope this helps you understand what we are doing as a team and a company right now. Obviously the situation is changing daily and we will adapt and respond according to government guidance and what we feel are the best and safest practices. We just hope we can bring a bit of warmth and comfort to peoples lives where possible and continue to keep our wonderful little company and community going for as long as possible. Thank you for all your support, it means the world.

Love & warmth ,

Emma and Fergus


TBCo. is more than a brand, it’s a community. That’s why when things started getting weird, we came to you for your help on how to move forward together! And in true TBCo. family fashion, you all showed up for us with great tips, ideas and encouragement on how to make the best out of all the time we’re all spending at home. Amidst all of the uncertainty, we want to be a place of rest and inspiration, a resource for responding to panic with peace and a way to be together, even while apart. Because now is the time for getting close, no matter the distance.

A safe space for community thinking and tips for turning isolation into hibernation, because now is the time to get close, no matter the distance.