Colsie Love Story: The Rooses

We are so excited to share another edition of our ‘A Touch of TBCo.’ series. We just can’t get enough of the beautiful stories so many of you are sharing with us.


This edition brings us the story of Stephanie and Richard who first met in London, in 2012 and dated for a year. Both young and eager to explore, their lives took them on separate adventures around the globe.  Despite not being in a relationship they remained great friends and always made sure that they were there to support each other, meeting up whenever their paths would cross. In January 2017 Richard realised their friendship had more than blossomed and asked Stephanie when she would come home so they could live their happily ever after. After a few trips visiting each other and only 19 full days spent together Richard proposed to Stephanie in the July.  Not wanting to waste anymore time they decided to set a date for the wedding in December.


The couple decided to have their wedding in a rural barn, at Fairlie, Scotland, Stephanie described the theme as, “DIY”. They decorated the barn with handmade decorations and hung bunting and lighting to create a magical, ethereal space. Stephanie wore a skirt made from her mother’s wedding dress which her Auntie lovingly upcycled for her. They feasted on a hog roast and Colin the caterpillar cake and toasted the night with their favourite whiskeys surrounded by family and friends. They made sure to pause, and cherish the moments they got to spend together as a newlywed couple.


The couple originally made the decision to gift TBCo. blankets to their guests to keep everyone cosy in the barn, which we can only imagine would be essential for a winter wedding! Using them as wraps was a happy accident. When Stephanie’s mum received the delivery of TBCo. blankets she quickly sent a snap of her wrapped up and cosy. Stephanie thought it looked just perfect and decided that she and her bridesmaids would wear one on the day of the wedding. Stephanie said “My bridesmaids all wore mismatched dresses so it was a good addition. It snowed on the day so we were all very glad of them!


We think the blankets look absolutely stunning, the mix & match of tartans adds to the rustic DIY theme perfectly. Thank you for choosing The Tartan Blanket Co. to be a part of your special day, we are so happy the journey of life has brought you back together, we wish you all the best for your future adventures.

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