Behind the Design: Colsie Collection 19/20

Behind the Design of our limited edition lambswool collection.
Each design is available in our three scarf sizes (standard, oversized, blanket) and our three blanket sizes (knee, full & baby).

When we think of nature, we often think of muted colours. Our research for this collection happily reminded us that vibrant colours are constantly being offered to us by the natural world! From the warm ochre found in the windswept grasses of Scotland to the mustard of the yarrow petal, we were inspired by the places in nature where we found a pigment punch!

For this collection, we were inspired by warm earth tones, which extended into both muted tones and brighter colours.  Whenever we're designing, we make sure to continually ask ourselves the essential questions. Will I love this? Will I want to see it in my home for years to come?

- Claire Sutherland, Assistant Buyer

Warm Ochre
Warm Ochre. It's earthy, natural and full of life! Warm Ochre, as seen in the warm, autumnal grasses of Glen Coe, is a reminder that the natural world is full of vibrancy. We're crushing on this baked, warm ochre for autumn.
Mustard. Sun-soaked and mellow, yet baked and natural. We find this colour all around us in Scotland each summer when the gorse and yarrow are in bloom.
Clay. Watch out millennial pink, you’ve got some competition. Bright, cheery, and optimistic, clay is a power move that we love styling in our own interiors.
Sand. Warm, creamy and extremely versatile. This sand colour works absolutely anywhere. Which seems totally appropriate since after a day at the beach, sand quite literally gets everywhere.
Olive. Although opinions on olives may vary, this colour is a unanimous yes! Natural and deep, this hue is magic. We’ve had fun at the office discovering that the olive scarf looks good in every home and on seriously everybody! Anyone down for The Sisterhood of the Travelling Scarf?
Berry. Juicy raspberries, your best lipstick, a deep glass of wine- It could be argued that the best things in life come in berry. Full of depth and autumnal vibes, we expect to see a lot more of this shade on the streets this season!
Black. You’ve been asking for it (and so have we)! Essential and sophisticated, this slate black is a mood. 
Celestial Blue
Celestial Blue. Blue, but make it celestial. Cooling, crisp, and contemporary, this blue is the sky on the sort of day you lay in the grass and make shapes from clouds. 
Jewelled Teal
Jewelled Teal. Cool and watery, yet full of depth. This teal is an emerald mix of our favourite blues and greens. Energetic and calming.

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