Slow Living & Home Renovating with KK Land

  colsie (kol-zee) / origin: Old Scots for ‘cosy’

1. The habit of embracing winter darkness and finding comfort and warmth in life’s simple pleasures. 2. The feeling that comes with being present, inviting closeness, and appreciating the things that last. 3. The act of slow living and making time for the people and things that soothe our souls.

 Welcome to A Colsie Moment, our blog series that features questions and answers with inspiring people about what slow living can look like in all aspects of life. From career to family to cooking to designing to mental health, we're dedicated to exploring what it means to live an intentional life.

For our Limited Edition Lambswool Winter Colsie Collection 19/20 photoshoot, we were lucky enough to visit KK Land-Boyd's newly renovated victorian flat in Edinburgh, Scotland. With roots in Estonia, Sweden & Scotland, KK's style reflects light and bright Scandi minimalism, with an approachable, cosy edge. Needless to say, we're all about it. Read on to meet the amazing KK, and see the new Winter Colsie Collection!

A Colsie Moment with KK Land

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    Hi! My name is KK, and I'm an Edinburgh-based lifestyle, interiors and travel blogger, and I love white wine, dogs, and taking good daytime naps. 

    I'm originally from a tiny country called Estonia, but I've never actually lived there. I grew up in Sweden and the States before moving to Glasgow for university in 2007, where I met my husband. After graduating, he received a job offer in Edinburgh, and so I moved here when we got married in 2015. I love it here. I love how open and friendly people are, and how easy it is to make friends, which is great when you move here knowing no one!

    What does a perfect day in Edinburgh look like for you?

    A long lie-in (necessary), then out for brunch with friends, a wander down to the water of Leith to take some photos, then a stop by Stockbridge Market for some gyozas. Afterwards, a glass or two at Smith & Gertrude, then checking out some of the lovely shops in the area. Or alternatively, you can never go wrong with spending the whole day at The Pitt Market!

    What's your fave TBCo. product?

    I am absolutely obsessed with your blanket scarves! They're easy to wear and keep me warm during Winter. Trust me, if I could have one in every colour, I would. Last Christmas I bought one for most of my family members!

    What’s the story behind your home?

    My husband and I had been looking to buy a flat in Edinburgh for a while, but trying to find somewhere that met most of our expectations was difficult. We wanted an old building with high ceilings, windows in both the kitchen and bathroom, two bedrooms, and of course, within a certain price bracket. As you can imagine, it was pretty much impossible to find a place with our criteria and already renovated. So we started looking for a good fixer-upper. We managed to find a flat at a price we could comfortably work with that needed a lot of TLC as it had not been renovated in over 30 years! Not only this, our renovation project was only a few minutes from our rented apartment, so I was able to pop in and meet with the builders frequently. The truly wonderful thing was that the original floorboards and fireplaces had been so well preserved. I feel like older flats have so much history and character that it’s important to maintain them. I even found newspapers from 1935 in one of the fireplaces! I would love to meet the people who lived in the property during that time (and ask them tons of questions about the flat).

      What inspired you to renovate it?

      It was actually my mum who convinced us to start looking at places that needed doing up. I turned to her for a lot of advice during the renovation project, but overall, our tastes are very different. It was exciting to see things come together with the vision that I had. While I like to maintain old features, I also like things to be minimal, contemporary and Scandi - probably an influencer from living in Stockholm most of my life.

      How do you want to feel when you come into your home?

      I want it to feel like a warm, comfortable home. Because I've moved and travelled a fair bit in my life, having a cosy, safe space is extremely important to me, and that's why I decided to use lots of light colours like white and beige.

      What’s gone better than expected?

      Honestly, almost everything! I had never considered doing a renovation project before, so I was super scared at first, but quickly realised that I really enjoy it! I would do another renovation in a heartbeat. It's such a satisfying feeling to be able to decide everything down to the smallest detail. Two spaces that stand out the most in our property are the kitchen and the bathroom. We were able to maximise the space in both rooms well and also make them much brighter and airier than before.

      Edinburgh Home Renovation

      Tips for someone wanting to renovate?

      Two things:

      1. Nothing is permanent. I keep reminding myself of this. If there's something I truly hate, I can always find a way to change it in the future. I think that it's important to go with your gut feeling for things you love (like my light beige soda that my husband was sceptical of!).
      2. Budget more than you think. There are a few things we needed to spend more money on than expected that no one even sees, like electrics, support beams, new gas pipes etc. These things are all so important because you don't want things to start falling apart later down the line.

        What are some ways in which you practice colsie (slow living)?

        In life? I listen to a LOT of relaxing podcasts, especially before I go to sleep. At home? My favourite things to do in the evenings are lighting candles, reading books and listening to music. It always calms me down and helps me feel settled in my home. While you travel? Checking in with family or friends grounds me. I often travel without my husband so I make sure to call him at least once a day when I’m away.

        And just a question we love to ask- any current recommendations?

        Book- Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney
        Song- Collapse by Vancouver Sleep Clinic
        Podcast- Good Life Project
        Brand- Life Story in Edinburgh 
        Website- pretty much any article on Medium
        Recipe- My friend Pippa’s white chocolate and raspberry waffle pudding 😍 (unfortunately I can’t share the secret recipe)
        App- this is going to sound really bad but I love Bubble Witch. I started playing it like 7 years ago and I can’t stop!

          To keep up-to-date with KK's renovations check out her Instagram and Blog!

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