Design Your Own Blanket Competition



Back in March when things started to get a little unsteady and we were all looking for home activities to keep our minds at rest, we held a "design your own blanket" competition.

Morgan Blueglass (@morgblue) submitted this beautiful design which went on to win the competition and inspire a whole range of rainbow and neutral stripes.


Drawing on Morgan's vertical stripes, we added a bit more depth through creating a block stripe with a herringbone weave, and it will be launching in January! Keep scrolling to see some lambswool stripes as well!

Available for Preorder 10 November | Launching in Early December

Launching in January



 Some of Our Submissions 




Even though the competition is over, why not design a blanket as a quarantine craft?

TBCo. is more than a brand, it’s a community. That’s why when things started getting weird, we came to you for your help on how to move forward together! And in true TBCo. family fashion, you all showed up for us with great tips, ideas and encouragement on how to make the best out of all the time we’re all spending at home. Amidst all of the uncertainty, we want to be a place of rest and inspiration, a resource for responding to panic with peace and a way to be together, even while apart. Because now is the time for getting close, no matter the distance.