Five Ways to Style Your Scarf

Scarves. We love ‘em here at TBCo if that wasn’t obvious already. They’re great for adding a pop of colour, elevating an outfit, and for keeping you warm of course. Despite being a versatile accessory, sometimes the way we style our scarves can feel a bit tired, you know? Instead of changing your scarf, why not just change the way you style it?

How to style a scarf

We’ve created a handy guide with our top five ways to style a TBCo scarf (or any other scarf for that matter) to help give your old faithfuls a new lease of life.

The Over the Shoulder

A classic choice! When wearing your scarf long and loose just isn’t the vibe - flip one end over your shoulder for an effortless look. You may be thinking, “Why even include this style? This is so obvious”. BUT this style is super versatile depending on the size/style of the scarf you are wearing.

The Knot

A take on the classic above, but way more convenient for the on-the-go gal. Is your scarf always falling off your shoulder when you are cycling, shopping, working or even just living? Fear (k)not, for we have found your solution. Take both ends of your scarf and tie them in a neat knot in front of you, then swivel to one shoulder and tighten as required. You get almost the same effect as the Over-The-Shoulder, but with much better staying power. You can also pull the knot to create more body to the look as desired. Check out our Tik Tok for ultimate style inspo.

The Long & Short

For those of us more sustainably minded, going out and buying a whole new long scarf to match this year’s trend might not seem like the best idea. So we say, fake it ‘til you make it! This look is simple to achieve: repeat your process for the Over-The-Shoulder but making the end of the scarf that will go behind you much shorter. Scarf Hiding Hack: put your coat over the scarf to hide the small end - no one will ever know! This style would be best for an Oversized Scarf, but you can find all of the scarf measurements you need here.

The Tuck Under

Now, this look is definitely about style rather than warmth. Got a great coat that does most of the work but needs a finishing touch? Then try tucking your standard sized scarf under the lapels of the coat to add that little something-something. We would also recommend this as a scarf storage hack for when your neck needs a little breather, but you can’t fit your scarf in a bag.

The Standalone

In this last style, your scarf does all the talking, acting as a jacket! Take your Blanket Scarf and put it on backwards with the end falling down your back, then take one end and pull it over the opposite shoulder so that it drapes down over your arm. This is a great way to style your scarf when the weather is warmer or if you will be spending most of your time indoors. Blanket Scarf size is essential for this timeless look.