A gift box for New Years! Here we come, Hogmanay 2020!

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Hello there!

Emma, here! Co-founder and co-parent behind TBCo. In Scotland, we call New Year's Eve Hogmanayand we make a pretty big deal out of it. Our celebratory torchlight procession, concerts and street party are world famous, which you can learn more about here. And as we're leaving a decade and entering another, it's bound to be one of the most memorable hogmanay's yet! We wanted to create a special box that helps you commemorate this milestone, so we put together a TBCo. exclusive limited edition Hogmanay Gift Box!

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Entering into a new decade is also a great time to think about all the has passed in the last decade, so I've taken some time to reflect with gratitude on 20 wonderful memories we'll be bringing with us in to the future.

20 favourite memories from the last decade we're bringing into 2020:

  1. Starting TBCo!
  2. Too many cups of tea
  3. The birth of our 3 girls!
  4. Moving the desks around in the office, then again. And again.
  5. Getting stocked in Liberty!
  6. Moving to the big smoke (London) then moving home again!
  7. Buying our first and then second home
  8. Getting married to my best friend in our dream Italian wedding
  9. Getting our first (fur) baby Alfie!
  10. Finding out our baby number 2 was a 2 for 1 deal (I love a bargain!)
  11. Travelling around the world looking for the perfect blanket makers!
  12. Too many office wine and cheese nights!
  13. Getting and packing our first order!
  14. Getting old enough to appreciate a night in more than a night out
  15. Being able to go back to work with babies in tow
  16. Babies being old enough so I could go to work solo!
  17. Realising how amazing a full nights sleep is!
  18. Finding the best team after 5 years of looking!
  19. Reaching over 3,000 wonderful wonderful reviews from our amazing customers!
  20. Realising true happiness is found in the everyday not in the tomorrow (hugs solve everything!)

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So, what's in the box?


1. Lambswool Scarf   2. Harris Tweed Hip Flask   3. Shortbread Flavour


The box was inspired by first-foot, a Scottish folklore tradition, known in Manx Gaelic as qualtagh, where the first person to enter the home of a household on New Year’s Day is seen as a bringer of good fortune for the coming year. The first-footer must not be in the house at the stroke of midnight, so often a member of the household will wait outside until the clock strikes 12:00. It is said to be desirable for the first-footer to be a tall, dark-haired male. The first-foot usually brings several gifts, including perhaps a silver coin for prosperity, bread or shortbread for nourishment, salt for flavour, coal for warmth, evergreen for long-life, and whisky for good cheer. After the initial first-footing, neighbours will often work their way through the village knocking on doors and stopping in for some friendly drams in celebration.


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