How to Make a Beautiful Autumn Wreath

There's just something about autumn that makes us want to do arts and crafts. Maybe it's all those back-to-school vibes, or maybe it's because we're feeling inspired by the trees showing off all their beautiful, rich colours.

This week, we tried our hand at autumnal wreath making. It was so simple with such beautiful results that we just had to share our process with you!

What you need

  • Bits and bobs from nature
  • Scissors
  • Twine 
  • Wooden rings or embroidery hoops (style 2 only)

    Style 1: All Natural 

    Before sitting down to make our wreaths, we went on a foraging trip around our Edinburgh HQ. This time of year, we were able to find plenty of materials for our all natural wreath: long sticks, firethorn berries, evergreen, and even some rosemary. 

    Of course, when foraging we always recommend sticking to public areas. We also ask that you respect nature by taking only what you need - and never taking away all the plants of any given kind in one area.

    To make this wreath, we used some branches that we found wrapped around a fence, giving them a naturally twisted shape. Some of these branches had leaves attached, which we decided not to remove to give the wreath a more rustic look. 

    We divided the branches into two piles so we could have them face towards each other in an oval-like shape. Tying some twine tightly around the bunched branches caused them to take a nice circular shape. We used additional twine to tie down some branches that were straying away from the circle, and to attach some bunches of berries for a small pop of colour. 

    Finally, we cut a long piece of twine and attached it opposite the berries for hanging. 

    Style 2: Minimalist

    For these minimal autumn wreaths, we used wooden rings for a little extra help getting a circular shape. We purchased these from Amazon and they worked perfectly. An embroidery hoop may also work well for this style. 

    Once again, we took a look at what we'd foraged and grouped some items that we thought looked nice together before tying them onto our rings using a bit of twine. If your foraged items are a bit wonky, you can secure them using glue dots or a hot glue gun. 

    To create a truly minimal look, we tried to cover just enough of the ring to make our wreaths look decorative without being overdone. For one wreath, we covered about three-quarters of the ring in evergreens before popping on a couple of pinecones. For another, we simply tied on a thick branch with a small handful of firethorn berries for a pop of colour.


    We are so pleased with the way our autumn wreaths turned out. They are so reflective of the nature surrounding us this time of year and add a perfect touch of the season to our office walls. 

    Feeling inspired? We would love to see your own foraged autumn wreaths! Send them over to us at, or share them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #tartanblanketco. 

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