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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

We love Mother’s Day because it’s a chance to acknowledge and celebrate the many shapes and forms that motherhood takes. It can be a day to celebrate all of our grandmother’s, those matriarchs that let us run wild and free as children; It’s a day for mothers who have nourished and raised us. It’s a day for wives to feel supported and thanked. It’s also a tender day to honour the weight of absence and the memory of Mums we can no longer call on the phone and children we can no longer hold. It can be for the Mum’s who stay at home with their kids, or the mother who goes to work. We’re strong believers that there isn’t one “right” way, and value Mother’s Day as an opportunity to consider and affirm the many different paths that lead to the word “Mother.”

TBCo. is lucky enough to have an inspiring mother at the helm. Our co-founder, Emma, is raising her “three under age 3” young daughters beside her husband, Fergus, and with help from their mothers, affectionately known around the office as “The Grannies.” You can read more about her experience of supporting a family and business here

Share the warmth this Mother’s Day with considerately curated gift boxes for Mums of every type.

For the Mum who deserves all the extra hugs: Hug In A Mug Gift Box with a Lambswool Blanket Scarf £84.00

Perfect for Mother’s Day, the Hug in a Mug Gift Box includes everything needed for a relaxed afternoon, or simply a moment’s peace from the chaos. Featuring a Lambswool Blanket Scarf, an Isle of Skye candle, delicious Pittenweem Hot Chocolate that can be perfectly enjoyed in a gorgeous Glazed Ombre Mug. With an option to add on Scottish Ocelot Chocolate and Plum & Ashby bath essentials. Tie it all together with a sweet “With Love” gift note.

For the Mum who deserves a little extra pampering: The Self Care Gift Box with a Recycled Wool Knee Blanket £70.00

It’s so rare that Mums will take some time for themselves and just relax. With the Self Care gift box, not only will she be incredibly stylish with a Recycled Wool Knee Blanket (or upgrade to Lambswool!), she’ll be relaxed and ready to conquer the day. 

Featuring a dreamy selection of Plum & Ashby bath products, a relaxing Space Mask, and Scottish Ocelot chocolate, ideal for a self pampering night in. Add on an Isle of Skye candle and cashmere sock for the ultimate slow evening.

For the Mum who likes to take it slow: The Slow Living Gift Box with a Recycled Wool Knee Blanket £58.00

Ideal for the Mum who appreciates the quiet and slow moments in life- especially when raising kids!

Sit Mum down with a cup of Pekoetea tea and some tasty Scottish shortbread (dunking optional). With a knee blanket included (or full size if you want to snuggle in too), she'll feel instantly loved and relaxed. 

For the new Mum: Mum & Baby Gift Box with a Lambswool Blanket Scarf and Lambswool Baby Blanket £106.00

A Gift Box for mum and her little one! Featuring a lambswool blanket scarf and a lambswool baby blanket, an organic wooden teether, Scottish Ocelot Chocolate, and soothing hand cream. Add on an optional Isle if Skye candle, and night time reads.

For the Mum who takes pride in her home: Home Sweet Home Gift Box with a Recycled Wool Blanket £62.00

Help Mum add a little something extra to her home with a Recycled Wool blanket, perfect for some quiet time to herself with a cuppa in the morning.

An Isle of Skye candle will fill her home with its graceful woody aroma to help her relax, revive and refresh. A hanging planter is another addition to her growing collection and love of greenery.

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Make Mother's Day even more special by embroidering Mum's initials onto any woolly product (excludes Featherlight Cashmere Scarf)

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