9 Thoughtful Gift Boxes for Mothers

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Mother is a sensitive word.

We want to use Mother’s Day as a chance to acknowledge and celebrate the many shapes and forms that motherhood takes and the variety of mother figures in our lives. It can be a day to celebrate our grandmothers, and remember the gift of generations. It can be a day for mothers who have nourished and raised us. It can be a day for wives to feel supported and thanked. It can be an opportunity to thank someone for their guidance in your life. And a special hug to those for whom it is a tender day to honour loss, to be thankful for the good memories and grieve an absence. Whatever mother means to you, we hope mother's day is full of slow living, tea and togetherness.


Emma here!

I love mother’s day, as it is so nice to take the time to say a big huge thanks to all the mums out there and celebrate all that love and hard work which goes into raising children. Now I’m super lucky to be the one gifted treats on this day, I have pulled together some boxes of all the wonderful items which make me feel happy and warm with love, especially when accompanied by a homemade card from my little ones! Also a few I will definitely be gifting my mum and mother-in-law, for being the best mums and grannies around!

All my love and warmth,

Emma xx


Share the warmth this Mother’s Day

Considerately curated gift boxes for Mums of every type and get FREE EMBROIDERY on all gift boxes until 19th March.

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For the Mum who loves the little things in life: The Mother's Day Gift Box with a Lambswool Oversized Scarf.

There really is no going wrong with this one. Tried and tested by our grannies and office mums (okay and even our office not-mums), there is truly nothing better than a hot cuppa and a sweet treat. And that's why we've aptly named it the Mother's Day Gift Box.


For the Mum who deserves a little time to slow down: The Mindfulness Gift Box with a Lambswool Oversized Scarf.

It’s so rare that Mums will take some time for themselves and just relax. With the Mindfulness gift box, not only will she be incredibly stylish with a Lambswool Oversized Scarf, but also incredibly zen. Queue those "ooohmsss."



For the Mum who likes to take it slow: The Self Care Gift Box with a Recycled Wool Knee Blanket.

Ideal for the Mum who appreciates the quiet and slow moments in life- especially when raising kids! Let here soak in a luxurious bath before lighting a candle and snuggling up in a blanket with a little bit of chocolate.



For the new Mum: The Mum & Baby Gift Box with a Lambswool Blanket Scarf and Lambswool Baby Blanket.

A Gift Box for mum and her little one! Featuring a lambswool blanket scarf and a lambswool baby blanket, an organic wooden teether, Scottish Ocelot Chocolate, and soothing hand cream. Add on an optional Isle if Skye candle and night time reads.

For the Mum who is always cold (and a little extra): The Cashmere Gift Box with a Cashmere Scarf.

No more of this "You shouldn't have!" stuff. This gift box is for when you definitely should, and so you do! Our most luxurious box yet, it includes a cashmere scarf, cashmere hat & cashmere socks. She deserves it. 


For the Mum who wants to curl up with all her favourites: The Warm & Colsie Fireside Gift Box with a Recycled Wool Blanket.

We're really excited about this one. Perfect for relaxing by the fire with loved ones, it includes What We See in the Stars, a magical book that tours the night sky through more than a hundred magical pieces of original art, all accompanied by text that weaves related legends and lore with scientific facts. And there's her weekend plans.


For the Mum who's a homebody: The Home Sweet Home Gift Box with a Recycled Wool Blanket.

Add a little something extra to her home with a Recycled Wool blanket, perfect for some quiet time to herself with a cuppa in the morning. An Isle of Skye candle will fill her home with its graceful woody aroma to help her relax, revive and refresh. A hanging planter is another addition to her growing collection and love of greenery.


For the Mum who loves Scotland almost as much as she loves you: The Touch of Scotland Gift Box with a Recycled Wool Blanket.

A tartan recycled wool blanket for chilly days or warm picnics, an Isle of Sky Candle hand poured here in Scotland and some Scottish-made shortbread and tea for her morning cuppa (with an optional tea strainer). 


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