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The Origins 2020 collection is a visual exploration of Scotland’s nostalgic past reinterpreted through contemporary design. We wanted to create a sense of history, with a modern aesthetic. Looking to Scotland's vivid landscape for inspiration, we designed a collection of contemporary heritage patterns which experiment with colour, texture and scale. We took well-loved classic tartans, deconstructed them into their separate weaves and palettes, and put them back together again to create a range of patterns including ginghams, checks, ombre effects and heathered plains. 

“Staying at home in Scotland this summer has encouraged us to explore this wild and wonderful country of ours. We have taken inspiration from the natural beauty and heritage of the highlands, the lowlands and the islands. We are all adopting a slower pace of life at this time, merging the benefits of the modern digital age with the human draw to escape and get back to nature to clear the mind and awake the soul. This is what origins is about, the modern take and re-found love of Scotland and all its wonders.” - Emma, TBCo. Co-founder

For the new collection's colours, we were inspired by bright tones that maintain depth and earthiness. Think honey mustards, deep berries, browns and olives, muted blues- a little retro and paired with a contemporary twist. While we will never ever be done loving neutrals, we're also embracing stronger, deeper colours that fill your home with warmth and character!

“It has been fascinating to learn more about where traditional woven textile techniques and concepts originated, and to understand how these have evolved and changed over the years. I’ve loved looking at the way designers translate these techniques in really innovative ways in the fashion and interiors industry today, and how we can continue to do this at TBCo.” - Jade, TBCo. Designer

As always, our focus was on bold impact design with a low impact on the environment. The collection is made from lambswool and cashmere from sheep and goats raised on a family run mill in Inner Mongolia- you can read more about that hereLambswool is the highest quality sheep’s wool. It’s gathered from a lamb’s first shearing, meaning the fibres are smoother, stronger and hold more elasticity than any other sheep wool types. The unique crimps in the individual strands generate air pockets that retain heat while repelling moisture, keeping you warm when you’re cool and cool when you’re warm. Cashmere is woven from the superfine coat of the cashmere goat whose wool is well-loved for its natural insulating properties and exceptional smoothness. Along with being naturally insulating, both fibres are breathable, hypoallergenic, and beautifully soft. Doesn't get much better than that.

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By the way, at the beginning of the year we made our pledge to be a Positive Impact Company with our 1% for the planet, 1% for the people initiative. This means 2% of every purchase will go to environmental and humanitarian charities.


Last year, we brought in our first ever ombre with the Natural Ombre Blanket and it’s gone down a treat! Not only a favourite for our customers, but a firm favourite of ours, so we were excited to expand the design into three different colourways based on key trends for the season. For this minimalist, colour blocking design, we used crossing colour hues to create an exploded ombre effect. We love how the deep colours gave them a retro feeling! Discover Rose Ombre, Mustard Ombre, & Coastal Ombre

Rose Ombre
Mustard Ombre
Coastal Ombre

Heritage Checks

Our heritage checks example a strong sense of Scottish nostalgia within the collection. They can be thought of as the collection’s cornerstone pieces. Inspired by traditional cloth tailoring fabrics such as the Glencheck & Prince of Wales check, we have experimented with bright accent overchecks, against rich base colours, adding a playful edge. Discover Olive Heritage Check, Coastal Heritage Check, Navy Heritage Check, Mulberry Heritage Check & Rust Heritage Check. 

Olive Heritage Check

Mulberry Heritage Check

Navy Heritage Check


The celebrated gingham pattern has a wealth of history. It  originated in India and took on a life of its own when it was brought to the United Kingdom; much of its modern evolution took place in Manchester. Originally woven as a stripe design, mills began weaving ginghams as the small checked design we know and love today. Traditionally woven with 2 colours, our contemporary gingham pattern features 5 complementary colours. Which one is your favourite? Discover Rust Gingham, Rural Gingham, Ash Gingham & Harvest Gingham.

Ash Gingham

Harvest Gingham

Rural Gingham


An interesting textural update on our timeless plains, our melange collection features trend driven shades. Melange yarns are made up of fibres which are dyed different colours and mixed together to create a heathered look. Our favourite things about it? The speckled composition that brings a sophisticated edge. Discover Rust Melange, Mint Melange, Light Grey Melange, Charcoal Melange & Sand Melange.

Charcoal Melange

Sand Melange

Rust Melange

Mint Melange


We’re especially excited about the feeling of warm luxury brought in by our neutral colour story from the Taupe, Blush and Rose. Looking for something brighter? Fall for our new mustard and viola shades, sure to add the pop of colour you've been dreaming about.





And a few new cashmere!

Burgundy Cashmere

Olive Cashmere

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