Outside & Together: The Art of the Picnic

Picnics are one of life’s simple joys. Enjoying good food, better company and the great outdoors; does it really get better than this? Now the sun has got his hat on, we’re looking forward to grabbing our favourite picnic blanket and dining al fresco this Spring.

Our favourite picnic ideas

Whether you’re adventuring out or setting up camp in the back garden, something just tastes better about eating finger sandwiches and strawberries outside. We’re sure you’ve already got planning a picnic down to a fine art, but this year especially, a picnic isn’t just a picnic. It’s a meeting spot, a reunion; it’s an extra special occasion.

Find the perfect picnic spot

Half the fun of going for a picnic is finding the best place to lay down your blanket and enjoy the view. Make any spot your spot, whether that’s between the trees of your favourite forest or laid across the grass in your back garden. Stuck for inspiration? Take a look at our favourite picnic spots in Edinburgh - we even included dog friendly picks (after all, what’s a picnic without our furry friends?). 

Make it an adventure

After twelve months of being stuck inside, make the most of your picnic! It’s not just a drive out to your favourite park, it’s an adventure to embark on; chase the sound of the ice cream van’s jingle, or see where you end up by taking wrong turns only. That being said, venturing further than a mile outside of our own homes is an adventure in itself these days. Enjoy wherever the wind takes you.


Appreciate the little touches

We’re all about paying attention to the finer details here at TBCo., we’ve found it’s little touches that add the most joy to the everyday. A super soft picnic blanket provides the perfect place to sit, talk and enjoy. A homemade lunch or M&S Meal Deal is best enjoyed in comfort, and it only takes a blanket to transform a beach, a mountain, or a meadow into your dining room table. Read more on our picnic essentials here.

Waterproof Recycled Wool Picnic Blankets

A true outdoor essential and just in time for summer fun, your picnic blanket will quickly become a much-loved and well used life-long companion. 

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