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Hello there,

In the wake of 2020, we’ve all experienced quite a few changes (and got a whole lot better at zoom). Some of these changes have been great, like less people commuting to work meaning reduced carbon emissions or baking lots and lots of banana bread. Other changes have been difficult, like not getting to see our loved ones as much as we would like.  

Challenges we are facing as a small business are the economic and logistical changes of border closures and pandemic fallout, resulting in massive global price increases across all areas of our production. Also, thanks to the hard work and product development with our Indian and Inner Mongolian partner mills, our blankets and scarves have much improved and become softer, stronger, more tightly woven and more rich in colour. In line with our positive impact pledge and in order to look out for the wellbeing of our suppliers during this season, we’ve chosen to increase what we offer to pay them to ensure our trade is ethically priced. In other words, it’s all gotten a lot more expensive and after much consideration and tea-fueled meetings, we’ve decided our best course of action is to update our prices to accommodate the uncontrollable changes of 2020 and also the changes we want to make to be the sustainable business we’ve always dreamed to be.

Our price update will take place on 3rd February and we wanted to let you know as early as possible to give you the opportunity to purchase now. As we know so many of you are waiting on Recycled Wool to come back into stock, we are offering a preorder on out-of-stock designs at their current prices, which will ship by the 8th March.

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As always, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the TBCo. community. We’ve been met with patience, kindness and understanding as we’ve walked (sometimes quite clumsily) through this past year together. We can’t thank you enough for all the emails, phone calls and DM’s you’ve sent us about how you and your loved ones have found comfort in our blankets. And hey, just like us, we hope you’re out there making the changes you need to make to better accommodate the road ahead, as well. We’re all in this together, so here’s to a brighter 2021 full of comfort, warmth and love!

Stay Cosy,

Emma & The TBCo. Family


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