Share The Warmth This Black Friday

It's Black Friday, and you know what that means. Hiding your phone under your desk when your colleagues walk by so they don't see your H&M shopping cart, new viral videos of people fighting in stores and stressful, frantic purchasing before those shoes sell out... but it doesn't have to be that way. There are stores who are finding ways to make Black Friday about more than consumerism. Read on to find out why we've decided to donate £1 of every order to Social Bite.

Blanket Fort

This Black Friday, The Tartan Blanket Co. encourages you to shop small and support independent businesses as you buy for your loved ones. We are offering 20% off our entire store, and with our new gift boxes available, your shopping just got even easier. Featuring a beautifully curated selection of Scottish products, and of course, one of our own Recycled Wool or Lambswool blankets or scarves. They are the ultimate colsie option in your Christmas shopping and cater to everyone in your life.

 A Touch of Scotland Box

Not only are we offering 20% off the entire store this Black Friday weekend, The Tartan Blanket Co. is once again partnering with Social Bite, an incredible charity working to eradicate homelessness in Scotland. We want to share the warmth this Holiday season, and will be donating £1 of ever order from 23rd November until 31st December to aid in breaking the cycle of homelessness that still remains a serious problem in Scotland.

Who are Social Bite?

Social Bite

Social Bite is a charity that fights to provide the homeless of Scotland with the basic human right to shelter, food and water through events, a national chain of cafes, corporate catering and a restaurant. They also work with a number of charities in the homelessness sector and run a growing list of programmes designed to break the cycle of homelessness in Scotland. 

What They Do

Sleep In The Park

Last year, 8,000 people joined in with the World’s largest sleep-out in Princes St Gardens to raise £4 million as a call to end homelessness in Scotland. This year for Sleep In The Park they are expanding to 4 cities across Scotland- Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee and are calling for 12,000 people to spend a night under the stars to fund raise. With those 8,000 people last year, a program for 800 rough sleepers, across 5 cities, were brought in off the street into mainstream housing- the largest of its kind in the UK. Three major academic studies were funded to give a road map to end homelessness in Scotland. 20  residents were housed in the new Social Bite Village, a collection of 11 small homes in Edinburgh offering people affected by homelessness a safe and warm place to call home. 

Social Bite Village

How Can You Help?

They are constantly working to provide a better solution to ending homelessness in Scotland, and it’s a mission they need your help for. Last year, The Tartan Blanket Co. raised £2000 to be donated to Social Bite, and we want to see that number grow even more this year. 

So as you go about your Christmas shopping, remember to shop small and support independent businesses. Your purchase with The Tartan Blanket Co. will automatically see you donating to the charity. And if you want to donate further to Social Bite, you can do that here.

Help us share the warmth this festive season by shopping with The Tartan Blanket Co. 


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