Stockist Spotlight on The Tidy

Welcome to our brand new blog series- Stockist Spotlight! The Tartan Blanket Co. is proud to be an online shop, but we are also very excited to see our beautiful blankets and scarves featured in stores that embody our Colsie brand. Each month, we’ll focus on one of our stockists and give you a little bit of insight into their store.  

To kick the series off, we talked to Hillary Paige from The Tidy, a University of Alberta graduate in Human Ecology and Residential Interiors. If you’re wondering, Human Ecology is "an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary study of the relationship between humans and their natural, social, and built environments". Hillary’s focus was on the environments people surround themselves with in their everyday lives and thus, The Tidy was born to help realise the potential of that space. The Tidy is a great example of how mindful, minimal living can change your day to day life, and we love that Hillary features our blankets in her store. 


Tell us about your business! 

The Tidy was created to help people realize the importance of decluttering their spaces! We believe a clear space creates a clear mind. Everyone deserves to have a purposeful and beautiful space to spend their time in, whether that be a home, office, cabin etc. The Tidy has been open for just under one year. Our day to day involves scheduling consultations with potential clients, organizing and tidying spaces for clients, researching and adding amazing product to our shop, and networking with local entrepreneurs!

We love our customers all over the world! Where are you located?

Edmonton, AB Canada

What does your typical customer look like?

The typical Tidy customer ranges from the young professional who needs help organizing their smaller space on a budget, to the full family who has no time to get all their stuff in order.

What is it about The Tartan Blanket Co. that appealed to you?

The story behind The Tartan Blanket Co. and how it began really appealed to us! We love working with and supporting other entrepreneurs. The product itself is also amazing, especially through the cold Canadian winters!

What inspires you? And how have you carried that over into your store?

Travel is a huge inspiration for us at The Tidy. No matter where in the world you are, the spaces you spend your time in are so important and tell so many different stories. We love bringing local and international items to our shop to help our clients curate the space and story they want!

What gets you through the day, tea or coffee?


TBCo. embodies 'colsie' (pronounced kol-zee), the Old Scots word for cosy. colsie is all about the habit of embracing winter darkness and finding comfort and warmth in life's simple pleasures. What does your perfect colsie day look like?

Since we are located in Canada we totally embrace 'colsie' and being as cozy as possible! Our perfect colsie day would start by waking up in freshly washed sheets, with a cuppa coffee being brewed. Bundling up in a parka and taking the dogs to the dog park to play in the fresh air. Then heading to a local cafe to grab some brunch (and more coffee), wandering local shops, and grabbing a new book or record to bring back home. Ending the day with some quick tidying and cooking a warm dinner.

How would you like to spend a Sunday afternoon, with a movie marathon, or a long hike in nature?

Hike in nature

Last but not least, how do we find you?

Social media: @the.tidy

Check back next month to see if we feature a stockist in your area! And don't forget to visit The Tidy online or on social media. And if you're interested in becoming a Stockist for TBCo., visit our wholesale website now! 

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