Happy Birthday To Us: TBCo. Turns 5!

So here we are, The Tartan Blanket Co. is 5 years old! That has come around fast and yet it feels like a lifetime ago that it was just a late night, wine fuelled dream. Taking the time to think about this huge milestone has been really nice. We spend so much time looking and pushing the company forward, that it's really nice every now and again to take the time to look back and see just how far we have come!

(We celebrated with this amazing cake from Litty's Larder)

Five years might not sound like that big of an achievement to some, but to any business owner, getting to 5 years means you are defying the small business odds. That’s 5 whole years of surviving and thriving in business, 5 challenging years of balancing what it takes to grow our team while also growing our family, and 5 wonderful years of doing what we love everyday! So five pretty fantastic years! 

I think back to that scary moment in newly married bliss when we said ‘let’s do this!’. I handed in my notice to my dream job, packed up our little London flat, loaded the van and drove north ready for a whole new, exciting and daunting chapter.

The next couple of years were challenging, learning how to run and grow a business (and still remain happily married). We made lots of mistakes along the way, but grew stronger in who we are as a brand, a business, a team and individuals. But it was the arrival of our first daughter, Aila, and then our twin daughters, Amabel and Mara, which really turned our world upside down and filled both our hands and our hearts. We learned how to function on very little sleep and how to prioritise our limited time. We learned how to focus on the big picture, what kind of company we wanted to be and world we wanted our daughters to grow up in. We have grown a beautiful, sustainable, successful company and brand and I couldn’t be more proud. Being stocked in Liberty and Harvey Nichols was the icing on the (birthday) cake this year, and feels like recognition of how far we have come and a girlhood dream come true. 

But this business is the sum of its wonderful parts and I have so many people to thank in enabling us to get to where we are today. Firstly thank you to the amazing people behind the scenes; designing our beautiful products, finding our wonderful weaving partners, making our products come to life on our screens, writing inspiring stories, answering customer queries, embroidering newborn initials onto baby blankets, and wrapping every parcel so each of our customers can unwrap something worth wrapping up in! Every member of The Tartan Blanket Co. is so significant, and we are so lucky they chose to give their talents and time to help us create something with us!

The team behind The Tartan Blanket Co. are the heart and soul behind this brand, but it is the customers who are the breath of life which makes everyday possible. Without your unwavering support and love for this little brand we have created, we wouldn't have gotten to this milestone. Without your feedback and suggestions we wouldn’t have continued to move forward, develop and improve. I believe part of our success comes from listening to and being grateful for every message, every order and every review. We are so thankful that you guys stuck around to see what we can do and I hope you stick around for the journey to come- we have so much more to show you!

Lastly a big, huge, thank you to the special guy who has been with us for this entire crazy journey. Our first baby, our company mascot and the girls best friend. This will be a joint birthday celebration as Alfie turns 5 in a couple of weeks as well. This guy has gone from being treated like a prince to being terrorised by a herd of children and he doesn’t even bat an eyelid. He just protects and plays with his little pack, and I think it says it all that the twins learned to say ‘Alfie’ before they learnt to say ‘Mummy’. So a happy happy birthday buddy, may your day be filled with blankets, balls and babies, just the way you like it! X