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TBCo. Uni Essentials

TBCo. Uni Essentials

There's a bittersweet feeling when term time rolls around. Gone are the days of binge-watching Netflix in the comfort of your cosy home bedroom, traded in for cute new stationery, student housing, and late night study sessions. 

Now that you're back to uni and are settling into your courses, it's time to make your home-away-from-home as homey as possible. We've put together this list of TBCo. uni essentials to help you make your bedroom feel cosy and warm, setting you up for a year of success!

1. A knee blanket

Recycled wool knee blanket | The Tartan Blanket Co.A knee blanket is cut to a smaller size, making it perfect for wrapping up at your desk as you study.

They're also great for popping in your backpack to fight that constant air-conditioned chill at the library (why is it always so cold in there?).

Best of all? Our recycled wool knee blankets are just £20 - perfect for a student budget.

If you're looking for something even cosier, upgrade to new wool for a chunkier texture, or lambswool for some luxurious softness. 


2. Some sweet vases

Our mini pastel porcelain vases are so versatile! Bring some extra life to your bedroom by making one home to a low-maintenance mini succulent or cactus.

They're also great for holding all your cutest pens and pencils, your favourite jewellery, or your makeup brushes.

Available in gorgeous matt shades of mint green, pastel pink, dusky pink, light grey and dark grey, there's something for every colour theme and style.


3. A trendy journal

The Tartan Blanket Co. Taupe Suede Journal A6It's safe to say you aren't truly ready for classes to begin until you have a collection of cute notebooks. Is there anything as motivating as a clean, blank page in a crisp, new journal?

In the TBCo. office, we love a suede journal. They give off a trendy, old-fashioned vibe and feel super soft in your hands as you write - perfect for note-taking or as a travel diary. 


4. A lambswool blanket

The Tartan Blanket Co. lambswool blanketThis is a must for your holiday wishlist! Stylish and practical, a lambswool blanket will keep you cosy through all seasons. 

Lambswool is temperature regulating, so it will be perfect on your bed as the temperatures change. It's also extremely durable, sure to keep you warm all through your course and beyond.

You can read about all the benefits of buying wool here.


5. Something to brighten the walls

The Tartan Blanket Co. home sweetest home wooden postcardIf you're living in student halls or renting a flat while you're in uni, chances are you don't have permission to paint the walls. But, that shouldn't stop you from brightening up your space with pops of colour.

A great way to add some extra vibrancy to your room is with art, like our wooden postcards and prints. This 'Home Sweetest Home' postcard is one of our favourites, sure to instantly make your room feel extra homey.

Worried about leaving holes in the wall? Our postcards can be hung damage free using Command Picture Hanging Strips.


Is there something we've missed? What do you consider your uni essentials? Let us know in the comments. 

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