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The 13 Best Picnic Spots in Edinburgh

The 13 Best Picnic Spots in Edinburgh

Enjoying a picnic in a green space is an absolute must when the skies clear and the sun shines. We’ve jotted down some of our favourite spots, both in and around the city of Edinburgh to lay down a blanket and have a wholesome picnic with friends or family.


The Meadows

Spring blossoms, the distant hum of traffic, laughter. Among the tree-lined paths and richly green fields there are runners, cyclists and families enjoying the space together. It has a lovely play area for the little ones should they accompany you on your summer adventures too! There’s something for everyone at The Meadows, and it’s a dear, dear place to us.


Source: The Edinburgh Cafe Enthusiast


Princes Street Gardens

If the fact that it’s ‘an area of botanic and geological scientific interest’ and a World Heritage Site doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’ll be happy to know that it’s conveniently central and very, very popular. A wonderful place to find some calm and quiet away from the thrum of the city surrounding it. Think of it as Central Park lite.


Source: Like a Local Guide

Arthur’s Seat

On a clear day the view is spectacular and grants you a beautiful new perspective over Edinburgh enjoyed by those who tackle the extinct volcano. You don’t need to make it to the top to enjoy an escape from the city centre, but you can tell people you did anyway.

Tip: Wear some practical shoes (leave the sandals at home).


Source: Earth Trekkers

Royal Botanics

World-renowned and just a stunningly beautiful place to sit down and breath deep. A wander through the Botanical Gardens is a tonic for the soul. Dine al fresco with views of the iconic Palm House or watch nature go by from the Chinese Hillside.


Source: Visit Scotland

Inverleith Park

View of the castle in the distant, tennis courts, and a pond full of swans. Try a local spot away from some of the more popular green spaces in the city. Inverleith’s close proximity to the Royal Botanical Garden situates it nicely should you want to go on a green space crawl of Edinburgh.

Tip: Inverleith Park is a stop on foodies festival UK tour (in case you wanted your picnic provided for by Michelin star chefs)


Source: Edinburgh Spotlight

Calton Hill

The unfinished acropolis is completely unmistakable - referred to historically as “Edinburgh’s shame”, but any notion of that is wholly absent should you take the journey up the stairs and experience the joy to be found at the summit. Panoramic views of the city, the undulating buildings contoured to the cities foundations. Rugged and beautiful, and uniquely Edinburgh.


Source: Walkinghighlands

Granny’s Green

A darling spot nestled under the Castle. Perfect for an impromptu urban picnic - quiet enough to relax but close enough to the buzzy bars and cafes of Edinburgh’s historic marketplace - Grassmarket.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Holyrood Park

Okay, so this may be cheating since we mentioned Arthur’s Seat already, but the wider park area is worthy of your picnic-ing sojourns. Plentiful volcanic cliffs and steep paths provide Holyrood Park’s rugged, natural beauty, and is indicative of Scotland’s wider unrestrained splendour.


Source: Thousand Wonders

Leith Links

If you arrive at Leith Links and feel like you’re on a golf course, you’re not wrong. Originally designed as a golf course, the Leith Links has evolved into a strong community hub, with much of the flora planted and maintained by local community groups. It’s a popular spot for dogs to run and play, so bring your own.

Tip: Come in June for the Leith Festival - an arts festival held by the Leith Festival Association.


Source: The Skinny

Tyninghame Beach

The site of a recent TBCo. blanket shoot, and with just cause - Tyninghame Beach is a treasure. Scenic, secluded, and accessed via a footpath that is positively Tolkienesque, it’s got all the hallmarks of a top Scottish beach and quality picnic spot (and we love it).



Source: Walk Highlands

Portobello Beach

If Tyninghame Beach is a bit too far, Portobello is a great alternative. Replete with charming cafes along its boardwalk, Portobello Beach has a classic British beach vibe and is a good place to lay down a blanket and dine under the sun.


Source: VisitScotland

Dr Neil’s Secret Garden

Dr Neil’s Garden is a wonderfully quaint place to wile away an afternoon, or as a pit-stop on your way up to Arthur’s Seat. Entry is always free and the garden upon to all.

Tip: If you're lucky you may catch deer cooling off in the nearby Loch.


Source: Life Gazing



Heathered hills (reminiscent of our Auld Scotland Tartan), a great place for walking - but also a great place for rolling out your tartan picnic blanket and having a grand old time. If you're feeling energetic, there is a lovely network of waymarked routes to burn off the cake and sandwiches. Or you could just stay and take a moment.

Source: TripAdvisor


There you have it, 13 locations - all unified in their beauty, tranquillity, and status as prime places to have a picnic. If you’re still on the lookout for a quality picnic blanket, look no further than our Recycled Wool Picnic Blankets, featuring handy leather carrying straps.

If you think we’ve omitted any that you feel are deserving don’t hesitate to drop it in the comments.


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