TBCo. Travels: Granada, Spain

Hello, there! I’m Amelia, the photographer here at TBCo. I love travelling, bad dance moves, and good denim. I’m also a self-proclaimed wool enthusiast, and my idea for starting a TBCo. Travels series came from the many times I’ve opened my suitcase and high-fived my past self for remembering to bring some wool. And I’m not the only one- as you discover the world of wool, you’ll find there’s a sort of a cult love around the fibre. It’s a bit of a magic material because it’s both insulating and ventilating at the same time, moisture and stain resistant, and just plain soft. Let’s just say, sheep really know how to dress themselves.

I know, I know- Spain is the last place you’d imagine bringing wool, but I’m sure glad I did. Supposedly, it only rains three days a year in Granada, and my husband and I got them all when we travelled there to visit some family this past April. "The rain in Spain” and all that. There were cool mornings on the rooftop terrace drinking coffee when I was thankful to have a lightweight layer to pull around me in the early sunrise chill (it was just as poetic as it sounds). That’s another magical property of wool- even though it’s feather light, it’s super warm. This is because of the insulating properties from the natural curliness of the strands. My Blanket Scarf kept me warm and dry, despite the cool, muggy air of the rolling Spanish rain storms. I also loved how it was so big, I could use it as a blanket when I was sitting outside.

As cool mornings faded into sunny, but chilly afternoons, I kept my Oversized Scarf in my bag. The oversized fit is my preferred size because it’s big enough for a chunky texture, but small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm my outfit when it’s warm enough to go without a coat. I loved how the pink echoed the rose tones in the architecture and gardens of Alhambra, the insanely beautiful Nasrid palace we visited whose keyhole windows fulfilled all my wildest Aladdin dreams. Forget having your shoes match your bag. Turns out, I’m more of a have-your-scarf-match-your-palace kind of gal. 

Despite the decidedly un-Spanish weather, Granada was a perfect mixture of fresh picked oranges, tangled backroads, wet socks and slow living.

Until next time & stay colsie,       

"Granada was a perfect mixture of fresh picked oranges, tangled backroads, wet socks and slow living."


  • Amelia

    Hi Jill!

    Because wool is a natural fibre, getting them wet is okay, we just don’t recommend the washing settings on your machine, as that can cause them to shrink. Rain is typically unavoidable however, and they will be okay to get a bit wet!

    I hope that helps!

  • Jill

    Hi Amelia, as all my previous purchases from TBCo have been dry clean only, I had presumed getting them wet was a definite no-no. You mention moisture resistant, muggy air of rain storms and photo of wearing one when companion has umbrella up. I’m just wondering what is the limit on them as far as water is concerned, ok in light rain but not in a downpour?

    Best wishes
    P.S. further north in Spain in April had the worst storms in over 70 years, you were lucky with your weather.

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