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What are the Differences in Wool Types?

What are the Differences in Wool Types?

Here at The Tartan Blanket Co. we are obviously deeply passionate about wool. It has an abundance of qualities that make it a sustainable and long lasting product. Being biodegradable, hypoallergenic, breathable and temperature regulating, wool is a natural choice for many people all over the world. Our suppliers source wool primarily from New Zealand and Australia, as sheep in this part of the world typically produce longer fibres, which are easier to weave and therefore create a smoother, softer finished product.

Below, we’ll talk you through what each of our wool types are and the properties that make them up. 

Recycled Wool

Recycled Wool is made up of 70% wool and 30% mixed fibres from old clothing and other products that would have ended up in a landfill otherwise. Recycled Wool is the most durable wool, making it not quite as soft as other wool types, but super warm, generous in size, long lasting, and machine washable on a gentle cycle. Keep it in your car for spontaneous adventures and throw one of our picnic straps around it for easy carrying. There's a reason our Recycled Wool blankets are a go-to favourite. 

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New Wool

New Wool is wool that has been processed or woven for the first time. As it has not been previously used, it means the wool has not sustained any damage. This makes new wool products warm and cuddly. New wool fibres are strong, fine and durable. Items made from new wool are subsequently warm, insulating and long-lasting.

With a chunkier, thicker weave, the new wool blankets are super cosy and warm, perfect for curling up on the couch with your family for a movie night or keeping on the end of your bed for those chilly winter nights that call for an extra layer. It's looser weave makes perfect, breathable baby blankets for lining a pram.

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Lambswool is the wool obtained from the lambs the very first time they are sheared, and is the highest quality of sheep’s wool to be found, making it softer and lighter than Recycled and New Wool. Taken when the lambs are around seven months old, the fibres are smoother, stronger and hold more elasticity than other wool, and are 50mm or shorter. Lambswool is usually used in high grade textiles. This makes it incredibly soft and lightweight, with great insulating properties. One of our softest, Lambswool makes perfectly warm scarves, cuddly blankets and ultra soft baby blankets for delicate skin.

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Merino refers to a breed of sheep, primarily bred in New Zealand and Australia. Merinos are known for having fine and very curly wool, which results in the softest wool of any sheep breed! We mix Cashmere with Merino because Cashmere is the softest wool, and it adds a silkiness that no lambswool can. Our Cashmere & Merino baby blankets, scarves and blankets will be a lifetime treasure. 

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Cashmere is a natural speciality fibre, derived from the soft undercoat of a range of Asiatic goat breeds. Downy wool is separated from top hairs or dirt and the fibres are sorted by colour by hand. This production process is what makes this wool the most valuable and expensive natural fibre. Cashmere is finer, stronger, lighter, softer and approximately three times more insulating than sheep's wool. The finished product is luxurious and deliciously soft, creating some of our loveliest products.

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We love all types of wool and think that it is one of the best fibres around! Sustainable, biodegradable, temperature regulating, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, it's the ultimate fibre for all things colsie.

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