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Visiting The Social Bite Village

Visiting The Social Bite Village

Back in November you lovely lot helped us raise £2000 to go towards Social Bite’s Social Village - a project aimed at ending the cycle of homelessness through building low-cost, eco-friendly and cosy homes within a supportive community.

With the first NestHouses built, we were lucky enough to be invited to The Social Bite Village to join them in launching the project. The Social Bite Village will be a place of hope and a celebration of the positive changes this amazing organisation are driving for the most vulnerable people in our society.

 Designed by Tiny House Scotland, the NestHouses within the Social Bite Village are a modern alternative to the isolating, temporary accommodation options which are usually offered. These beautiful Scandinavian inspired houses are designed to be warm, welcoming spaces which the residents can be proud of and feel comfortable in.

Within the village there will be up to 20 residents at a time, each will stay between 12 and 18 months where they will be given the support they need, whether it be helping with job applications or completing educational courses. This will hopefully give residents a safe space where they can build relationships, skills and confidence. This should help the residents leave feeling ready to transition into permanent accommodation, employment and society.

This is a truly inspiring venture, and we are so lucky to have such an incredible organisation working within Edinburgh to make change. We were overwhelmed by just how lovely The Social Bite Village was, the thought and care that has gone into each home and programme is really special and each donation helped them achieve this. We want to sincerely thank you all for shopping with us and helping us make a donation to this wonderful cause.

Missed out on sharing the love? You can make a donation direct to Social Bite online!

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