Wedding Gift Ideas for 2018

As wedding season approaches, it’s time to talk about gifts!

Gone are the days of china and toasters - contemporary couples making a home will already own most of the things we think of first.

So whether you're walking down the aisle with them, or looking on adoring from the pews, we've got everything to help you tease an even bigger smile out of the happy couple with our curated list of unique wedding gift ideas, for the people who seem to have everything - even on their special day!

A Polaroid Camera (+ Film), for the snap happy.

A white vintage Polaroid camera.


What could be more perfect than giving the bride and groom the means to turn the cameras on everybody else? Your wedding day is a whirlwind, and giving a couple the chance to create physical memories with a vintage twist is priceless.

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A Charitable Donation, give the gift of giving.

Some couples don't want gifts on their wedding, so a donation to a cause on behalf of the couple is a thoughtful way to express your best wishes on their special day. Many charities facilitate gifting charitable donations, along with just how the money will be used.

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A Personalised Blanket, for an extra special touch.


Pick a tartan matching the family marrying to elevate a simple gift into a memento tinged with heritage. Add an extra special touch with our embroidery service for a gift they will treasure forever. You can read more about our embroidery here.

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Couples Cookery Classes, for foodies.

Give the gift of becoming a keener cook with cookery lessons from culinary experts. Foodie couples will love it, and we all know couples who cook together stay together.

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A Subscription to The Paris Review, for bookish types.



Cover images from past issues of The Paris Review

A subscription to some of the liveliest and exciting new prose, poetry, and art available is perfect for the bookish couple getting married.

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An Indoor Vertical Farm, for sustainable sorts.


For couples with no garden but green thumbs and a sustainable outlook think about gifting an indoor vertical farm. Most use a simple hydroponics system and can grow greens up to three times faster than conventional gardening.

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A Life Story Shop Giftcard, for lovers of Scandi homewares.


A shop for Scandi lifestyle products. Yes please! If getting just the right gift is looking difficult, play it safe and get a giftcard. They get what they want, and you retain your mystique as the guest who knew what they wanted all along.

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A Picnic Blanket, for the promise of adventure


You may not be able to promise the sun, but you can ensure that they have what they need to take advantage when the sun shines with a gorgeous picnic blanket.

(Selecting a tartan that matches the family marrying, or even complementing the chosen colour scheme, will make this gift extra special).

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PekoeTea Kinto Atelier Teapot, for tea-lovers.

Stunning Japanese crafted teaware, perfect for big cosy pots of their favourite loose leaf tea.

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Aurora's Tasting Menu Evenings, for foodies (again)


A beautifully raw and Nordic atmosphere, coupled with Kamil & his team's singularly wonderful (and award-winning) culinary creations make for an unforgettable evening.

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Need more inspiration? We’ve curated a list of Gifts for Couples that would make charming wedding presents. Alternatively, if you’re a bride or groom looking for some gifts for guests, try our Wedding Wraps or Recycled Wool Blanket collection!


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