Why you should order NOW for Christmas (seriously).


Here’s the thing. It’s really tough not to start every message these days with “2020 what a year, am I right?” and with good reason! Seriously. What. A. Year.

Though as much as we’ve seen darkness, we’ve also seen light. We’re lucky to be a gifting company that hand writes your gift notes as it means we’ve gotten to write thousands of encouraging notes from you to your loved ones over the past few months. One of our favourites? “This isn’t just an embroidered blanket, it’s a hug with your name on it!”


With the unique challenges of this past year in mind, we want to be super honest with you about what Christmas is looking like from our side. More people are gifting to loved ones from afar than ever before and lovely little packages are arriving at front doors all around the world. The good? Everyone is doing their best to keep each other safe while still helping each other feel loved and together. 

The maybe not as good? The courier system is swamped (please don’t forget to thank your delivery men and women!), there are sometimes delays over a week long, and get this, there is a “global cardboard shortage” so there is potential the world may run out of boxes for shipping goods. You can’t write this stuff. But hey, we’ve always loved getting creative and recycling packaging anyway, so maybe this is a step in a better direction! 

Also, couriers are so busy they are not always scanning packages along their journey meaning tracking isn't always being updated. This often looks like packages haven't left their destination or are stuck in one place and not moving. However the packages are likely still on their journey, albeit just taking a little longer than usual.

If you’re wanting to add embroidery, make sure to add an additional 5-7 working days to your order timing, so for many that means the last order date is soon approaching or may have already passed! You can check suggested last order dates here.


More good news? Our Lambswool Blankets, Scarves & Baby Blankets are well stocked this winter. Our Cashmere too!

The other maybe not as good news? Since the pandemic has caused delivery delays, we’ve sold out of many of our best selling Recycled Wool Blankets and Pet Blankets and will not have another Recycled Wool restock before Christmas. Thankfully, Recycled Wool will be restocked in January 2021! (Psst...you can purchase a save-it-for-the-restock E-gift card here.)


We’ve got our thinking caps on tight and are brainstorming solutions to all of the above. We may bring our suggested last order dates forward to hopefully have more accurate guidelines for Christmas delivery and we’ll let you know as soon as we do. 

For now, the wisest thing you can do? Order as absolutely soon as possible to make sure your woolly gift is sitting under the tree by Christmas Eve. We’ve even made this free save-it-for-Christmas sticker for the outside of your parcel to help you out. Plus, you’ll have the smug satisfaction of wrapping up your Christmas shopping early. We hear it’s an even better feeling than Christmas cheer.


The main thing is, our community has always had a great thing going with honesty and trust, so we just wanted to let you know where we are at as we navigate through this unique Christmas season. 

We hope this past year has been a chance to reset. A chance to spend quality time in your home. An opportunity to remember what truly matters. We hope it has given you more time for evening walks, outdoor picnics and spending (virtual) time with the ones you love. And if you’re someone who has been on the frontlines, like our amazing healthcare workers and supermarket assistants, how could we ever thank you enough? We’ve all relied so heavily on your efforts and are full of overwhelming gratitude. And if you’re someone who has experienced loss during this time, we are full of heartfelt compassion and love. 

Above all, whether you are gifting, receiving or a little bit of both, we hope our considerate blankets, scarves & gift boxes can bring comfort and a deep sense of warmth. Stay safe and have a cosy Christmas!

With Love,

The TBCo. Team

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