You asked, we answered: break the bias with TBCo. 

The theme of International Women’s Day 2022 is #breakingthebias - so we asked you, our community, to submit your questions to some of the inspirational women behind TBCo. - and you delivered! 

From pioneering a female-led fashion brand to working with a group of likeminded, supportive women, we want to share how we break the bias at TBCo. 

We had lots of amazing questions, so here’s how it went down… 

Q: What is like working as a mostly female team?

A: Suzanne, Brand Partnerships Specialist: “Working at TBCo. is warm, mindful, supportive and has a strong community feel in that we’re all dedicated to the blankets and scarves that we produce. But also in that we are dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment and the world around us.”

A: Louise, Customer Happiness Manager: “It’s fantastic! To work with a group of women who want you to succeed, build you up, support and work with you is empowering - and it really breaks that bias. Plus we really like each other, and have a great laugh along the way.”

Q: How do you make the women around you feel more empowered? What about outside of TBCo.?

A: Emma, CEO and Co-Founder: “We empower each other every day - we listen to one another, work together, and play into our skill sets and what we love doing. It’s not about being the loudest voice in the room but working collectively to develop and improve each other and grow something really important together.”

 A: Laura, Buying and Merchandising Manager: “We love to support women throughout the supply chain at TBCo. A great example of this is our Recycled Wool Blankets; the fringing is actually hand-rolled by a mostly female workforce at our supplier partner in India. This could be done by a machine but we love that it supports local communities and provides job opportunities. We also work with a number of female-founded businesses for our gift-box add-ons.”

Q: What about any challenges that come with being a woman in business? 

A: Jade, Lead Product and Graphic Designer: “Even though fashion has a female face, women make up the majority of entry-level jobs in the fashion industry. We see top level positions being dominated by males, but brands like TBCo. are paving the way for equal leadership opportunities in the industry.”

A: Eirini, Warehouse Fulfilment Assistant Manager: “One of the challenges is balancing responsibilities between work and home, so it’s important to communicate and have mutual respect in order to challenge any unconscious biases.”

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