Our Story


Hello there. Thanks for popping by The Tartan Blanket Co. If you’re reading this we’re assuming you want to know a little more about us and we’d love to tell you!

In 2014 co-directors and newlyweds, Emma and Fergus Macdonald moved back to Edinburgh and set out to create a unique brand inspired by Scotland, combining high quality products with beautiful design. Having met at Edinburgh University, they moved to London together and set out on different careers within the retail industry. Using their experience and knowledge gained in their individual careers, they came together with the vision of developing a company inspired by their love of Scotland, that would offer the customer fantastic products and a wonderful experience. Working with a small dynamic team The Tartan Blanket Co. came to life, offering a unique collection of beautiful blankets, scarves and home accessories.

At The Tartan Blanket Co. we take pride in the versatility of our products. Whether you’re buying a gift for someone special or you’re looking for a gorgeous blanket to complement that stylish home of yours, we’ve got it covered. With so many tartans, colours and styles to choose from, we have something to suit every taste.

Our small, but fabulous, team work super hard to ensure that every customer is served with a smile (we may be online only, but we’re smiling at the screen, we promise). Even Alfie, our four-legged office assistant, wants to make sure you leave us as happy as possible! Our dedication to customer service is what makes us special. Whether it’s helping you find a tartan that means something to you or offering you some interior style advice, we are here for you! Feel free to get in touch if you have any problems at all, we're only a phone call or email away.

All of our products are sent worldwide, with love, from our warehouse right here in Edinburgh, allowing you to add a touch of Scotland to your home no matter where you are.

Keep in touch and share your stories with us, we love to stay connected with our customers! Tell us how you’ve used your blanket or how you've styled your scarf. Feel free to contact us or become one of our new friends on social media!