Care For Your Blanket

Now your blanket is settled into its new home, you’ll want to give it the TLC it deserves. We have all the tips and tricks here for keeping your blankets as beautiful as the day you got them.

How To Store Your Blanket

The best way to store your blanket is to fold it up and pop it in a breathable container, a cotton storage bag works well. Keep in a dark and dry place, free from creepy crawlies and naughty puppies alike.

It's best to clean your blanket before you store it as this will help to prevent moths. This is especially important if your blanket is cashmere. If you’re still worried about moths, pop some natural moth repellent into the container with your blanket and rest assured your blanket will be fine and dandy.

Care For Your Blanket

It is a good idea to give your blanket a shake every now and again, especially if it’s being used in a high-traffic area like a living room couch or bed. Just shaking it once a week or so will help to assure it’s not collecting bits of dirt and daily debris - this will also make it much easier when it comes to washing it!

Don’t let stains lie. The longer you leave them the harder they will be to get out. Scoop up, blot and dab any liquid, don’t rub as this will just spread the stain. You can try using a cloth and some cold water to blot-out the stain. If this doesn’t work we recommend giving the blanket a full wash.

Machine Washing Your Blankets

*To be on the safe side we put Dry Clean Only on the care label as it's easy to shrink or damage wool if you wash it incorrectly.

You can machine wash your blankets if you have a gentle wool or handwash setting, making sure to use a speciality wool detergent and a low temperature setting. Heat and friction can shrink and distort the shape of the wool so you want to use the most gentle and coldest setting your machine has. As it is different from machine to machine we can’t guarantee every machine will be able to wash a blanket without problems, but we have tried it ourselves and they turned out just lovely. Ideally you want a handwash setting and a 20 degree or cold water temperature. Be careful not to just use the wool setting - on our machine that's 40 degrees which is likely to cause some shrinkage.

Be sure to give your blankets a good shake before popping them in the machine to remove any loose bits of debris.

Machine washing is not recommended for cashmere.

Drying Your Blanket

Some machines might not spin after a handwash setting but a short fast spin is great for the first stage of drying your blanket. When you take it out of the washing machine, give it another good shake and reshape it if necessary. You can gently stretch or straighten wool as required to get it back to its normal shape before hanging it up to dry.

Remember that heat causes shrinkage so don't hang it over or next to a radiator. When it's nearly dry, we pop ours into the tumble drier on the lowest setting (ideally 20 degrees) for 10 minutes and it comes out fresh and fluffy.

Once your blanket is completely dry it's ready to get snuggled up in.