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 To have and to hold for when it gets cold.

Here at The Tartan Blanket Co., it is probably fair to say that we have constant wedding fever. We feel like little woolly cupids when we see we have had the honour of playing a part in wedding days all over the world, whether it's in a charming old church or outdoors amongst dramatic landscapes. Drape around your shoulders and wrap up your bridesmaids to keep warm on chillier days, or dress your venue's furniture. We're delighted to see all the inventive ways our blankets are used and cherished.

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Give a little nod to your Scottish heritage (or just your love of Scotland!) by incorporating a beautifully woven tartan wedding wrap into your big day. From muted tartans like the Mackellar to vivid jewel tones like the Dark Maple and Mackenzie, the traditional designs add a touch of whimsy and drama to a day full of love and celebration. 

Bustling cityscapes, sheep filled meadows, windswept beaches, our TBCo. wedding wraps have been a part of so many weddings. Share warmth is our motto and we certainly do a lot of that!


Add a touch of Scottish charm to your big day with one of our gorgeous recycled wool knee blankets worn as a wedding wrap. Let their vivid tones and incredible heat-insulating properties warm you and your guests by draping over knees or around shoulders when the sun goes down. For a subtle touch of luxury, opt for a lambswool or cashmere blanket scarf.

Bride and groom with tartan blanket wedding wrapBride and groom with tartan blanket wedding wrap

 Let's not forget about those finishing touches. Why not add an extra special touch with our embroidery service, for a gift that you, your bridesmaids or guests can treasure forever.

Your wedding is something that you will remember for the rest of your life, and sometimes, it’s the smallest details that stand out the clearest, to yourself and your guests, so give them something to remember.

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