Recycled Wool Blankets

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Thanks to its natural durability, wool is known for its long lifespan. Fibres can bend up to 20,000 times before breaking (as a comparison, cotton can only bend 3,000 times). This got us thinking, how can we take advantage of this amazing feature, especially since recycling wool can be a challenge as the fibres are often too short to respin? Our solution is to blend recycled wool with longer mixed fibres saved from landfill to create a soft and durable yarn. Woven in a dense twill weave and brushed for texture, recycled wool gives you all the benefits of wool, in a sustainable blanket. What’s more, they’re even machine washable.
Warm up your home interior or outdoor space and discover the perfect excuse for a moment of slow living and a cup of tea with these Recycled Wool Blankets in Tartan, Check, Herringbone, and Stripe Designs.