5 reasons it’s good to sleep in cotton

How you feel during the day is down to how you slept the night before. Ensuring you’ve got a solid bedtime routine and preparing your room for sleep can improve your slumber; but as you drift off to dreamland, what you wear to bed can also impact the quality of your sleep. 

Your sleepwear plays a role in your overall rest, so choosing the right pair of PJs is more important than you think. Cotton pyjamas come out on top for those looking for decent nightwear and with good reason. 

Is cotton good for sleeping?

Cotton is great for helping you sleep - here are our top five reasons why you should invest in a pair of cotton pyjamas. 

1. Cotton is a  breathable fibre 

Cotton as a fibre is wonderful for helping maintain that oh-so-important body temperature during the night. 

Cotton is breathable, natural and moisture-absorbing which means any air trapped between your body and the fabric can circulate, keeping you cool as you sleep. 

Wearing cotton pyjamas means you’ll wake up feeling nice and refreshed, not hot and stuffy - and isn’t that the real dream? 

So I really wasn't lying when I said I was going to put them straight on. They are so comfortable and soft and really well made. There's no way I am changing again now for the rest of the day” - @juliaindisguise 

2. Cotton is hypoallergenic

Sensitive skin sufferers of the world rejoice - cotton is renowned for its hypoallergenic properties. 

Synthetic materials like polyester and acrylic are likely to irritate the skin and could even trigger an allergic reaction - but not our friend cotton. 

Cotton has your back - its soft and natural texture helps prevent irritation, allowing your skin to breathe and heal while you sleep. 

3. Cotton is easy to care for

The nightmare of worrying about your pyjamas shrinking or losing shape in the wash is at an end. Cotton PJs can be popped into the laundry on a 30oC cycle and can even be tumble dried on a delicate spin. Now that’s something to daydream about. 

Felt 10000x better yesterday, mainly because of these TBCo pyjamas” - @fellaby

4. Cotton is eco-friendly

At TBCo, we use cotton that has been certified by the Better Cotton Initiative, the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. Cotton is completely natural and biodegradable, too!

By opting for cotton pyjamas, you contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry and reduce the environmental impact of your sleepwear choices. 

5. Cotton looks good

The versatility of cotton as a fibre means it looks great when you wear it; with our pyjamas, the design is woven as part of the fabric and not printed on, giving it that super stylish edge for that ‘I just woke up like this’ feeling. 

“One good thing about the cooler weather, I can wear my gorgeous new @wearetbco pyjamas. The print is woven in, not just printed on top and they come with a matching scrunchie. Comfiest pjs ever” - @annacascarina