TBCo is B Corp Certified!

We have some exciting news to share with you. After a lot of hard work, we are proud to announce TBCo is B Corp certified. Being part of B Corp means that we are part of a movement to make businesses a force for good in the world, and to transform the industry to be more inclusive, equitable and regenerative.

Choosing to shop with a B Corporation certified brand means that you can rest assured knowing that we are actively delivering on our pledge to be a positive impact company and a force for good in the world.

TBCo. is a certified B Corporation!

When we started TBCo in 2014, we wanted to create a brand with sustainability at its core. Since then we’ve continually made steps to increase our positive impact, and affect change that’s good for people and the planet.

TBCo is a purpose-driven business, balancing people and profit. Our values include being warm, responsible, a creative collective and striving for better. We are always improving, never settling - good is just not good enough, so instead of simply neutralising the impact we have on the planet and its people, we want to leave a positive one instead.

Through our Positive Impact Pledge, 2% of each and every purchase is donated to charities that protect the planet and give to those in need. We choose to donate from our annual revenue instead of just our profit for maximum impact. 

So what does this mean for you? We hope that being B Corp means a more enjoyable experience. We are constantly inspired by you, our community, for sharing in our mission statement and wanting to be a force for change. It is through your support that we are able to grow TBCo in a sustainable way - every purchase made in-store or on our website, every post shared on social, and every donation to our charities is a moment of warmth shared, and for that we thank you. 

Being a B Corp brand means the world to us, as we help make the world better for everyone.

Our Score and what that means

We are very proud to announce that TBCo has a score of 88.6 for our B Corp assessment. The process is incredibly comprehensive and tough to get as it covers all areas of social and environmental impact and ensures we have robust procedures in place to deliver on our commitments. 

TBCo was evaluated by the B-Lab, and ranked on our approach to:

  • Governance: our overall mission and how we protect it through our business structure, and how it impacts our social and environmental impact.
  • Workers: our employee’s happiness, satisfaction and the support they receive from being part of the TBCo collective.
  • Community: how we operate within our community, including diversity, equity and inclusion. 
  • Environment: TBCo’s commitment to being an eco-friendly brand, and how we continually improve to have a positive impact. 
  • Customers: (that’s you!) our relationship with you, how our products solve your problems and the way you shop with us. 

Being part of the B Corp collective means that we have been verified as meeting B Lab’s high standards regarding all of the above, and recognised as making a legal commitment to being accountable and responsible as a business. 

Our score reflects our dedication to being an ethical business that offers full transparency about every aspect of our company, from our supply chain to delivering moments of warmth to your home. From the very start of TBCo, we’ve designed our business model with giving back at its core, through civic engagement, economic impact and diversity within our community - and this is something our certification recognises.

What is B Corp?

The B in B Corp stands for ‘Benefit for All’. B Corp brands recognise that the challenges facing our planet and its people “cannot be achieved by governments and non-profits alone”. We are a collective of businesses that commit to giving back to the workers, communities, and customers that we serve. 

To be accepted as part of the B Corp community, there are high standards that a business must meet. This includes performance, accountability and transparency across every aspect of who we are as a business. It’s like a gold star for sustainability. 

As you can imagine, becoming B Corp certified is a lengthy process, but with a lot of hard work, self-reflection and dedication from the TBCo team, we are able to take this next step in our sustainability journey. 

Why become a B Corp?

The B Corp process is an important one. In some ways, it acted as a mirror for us. We were able to reflect on some of the incredible steps we’ve made so far, such as our Positive Impact Pledge, partnering with our mills around the world, and creating product ranges such as our Recycled Wool Collection that saves, on average, around six woollen garments from landfill.

However, it also provided us with a framework, a base upon which we could challenge ourselves and look at where we needed to improve as a business and as a collective of individuals. 

Being purpose-driven is so important, especially when occupying a public space or platform. Using your voice for good and driving change is our ethical responsibility, and being a part of an incredible movement like B Corp keeps us accountable. It provides us with more opportunities to give back to people, the planet, and the global economy. 

B Corp is a badge of pride for us. It’s an acknowledgement that we are truly, honestly, committed to being a force for good. 

What’s next for TBCo?

Achieving our certification is something that’s taken a lot of time - we submitted our application in Summer 2022, and since then we’ve made even more progress in our sustainability efforts.

The structure of being a B Corp means we have a framework for continuous improvement. Each B Corp certified business must take the assessment every three years, showing that we’re still meeting B Lab’s high standards and continually improving as a purpose-driven brand.

We are incredibly proud of our progress over the years that TBCo has been operating, and our certification allows us to work towards achieving our highest positive impact. TBCo is now a part of a worldwide collective of brands that are working collectively for economic systems change, and are dedicated to meet the rising standards for social and environmental performance. 

Internally, we’ve created a dedicated B Corp collective who are continually looking for ways that TBCo can improve, not just as a B Corp but as a business. Being B Corp certified is not by any means the end goal, it’s a milestone - a progress marker on our way to becoming our most sustainable, ethical and charitable selves. 

Together we’re creating a better, cooler planet with warmer people and a bright future.