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You Gave, We Gave!

For us, Christmas is the time of year to think of others and this year we did just that. You may remember our last post regarding our You Give, We Give project – we wanted to share the results.

In the spirit of Christmas giving, we wanted to do a little more and give a little more. As well as giving gifts to family this Christmas, we gifted a donation to the Against Malaria Foundation.

Malaria is the number 1 killer of pregnant women and 500,000 people die each year – 70% of whom are children under the age of 5. Malaria is preventable and AMF work to use funds to provide and distribute nets to help provide valuable protection. Emma and Fergus had a daughter 5 months ago, so this charity personally resonated with us and as a team, we wanted to help.

We ran the project throughout December and The Tartan Blanket Co. donated £3000. Rob, the founder and CEO at AMF, has informed us that the donation has been allocated to a distribution in Papua New Guinea. 100% of our donation has made possible the purchase of 2,176 long lasting insecticidal nets which will protect an estimated 3,917 people – that’s 8 entire villages! What a fantastic result!

We’re very proud to support the Against Malaria Foundation and thank you for supporting The Tartan Blanket Co. in the You Give, We give project. If you’d like to get more involved you can find more information on their website. You can see and follow our donation on our fundraising page too!



You Give, We Give

We love Christmas and we know you do too. It's a time for giving to friends and family. In the spirit of Christmas giving, this year we want to give a few gifts ourselves, so we will be running a little project called You Give, We Give!

While we're all giving gifts to friends and family this year, we will also be giving to the Against Malaria Foundation.

Emma and I had a daughter 4 months ago so this charity really resonates with us, and along with our whole team, we want to do a little more this year.

We're a small team based in Leith, Edinburgh so we don't have to worry about mosquitoes or malaria. We also know how nice it is to snuggle up under a warm blanket in the colder months.

The people that AMF help might not need to worry about getting cold, but a bed net provides them much more valuable protection. 500,000 people die each year from malaria - 70% of them are under 5. It's also the number 1 killer of pregnant woman. It is preventable. 100% of the money that we donate will get used to buy nets.

We chose this charity because they are ranked number 1 by Givewell. This is how they choose their top charities:

We recommend charities according to how much good additional donations can do. We examine charities' overall quality and cost-effectiveness, as well as what more funding would enable them to do.

I've spoken with Rob, the founder and CEO at AMF and they are doing truly fantastic work. We're very proud to support them. If you want to get involved you can find out more information on their website and also view our sponsorship page.

New Exclusive Designs!

We’re so pleased to finally be able to show you what we’ve been working away on for the last few months! Welcome to the very first The Tartan Blanket Co. collection of exclusive designs!

We wanted to do something really special for our customers, something completely new. So we put our heads together and decided to make our very own collection, inspired by our Scottish surroundings, our love of Scandinavian design and, of course, our favourite TBCo. colours.


They’re designed from start to finish in-house by our lovely Fi from the buying team, and you can’t find anything else like them out there!

We've come up with 3 designs, available in both a full-sized blanket and a super cosy blanket scarf. Woven from a super soft lambswool, they'll keep you as warm as can be.

The blankets are a super generous size, easy for sharing with your family or pets. Blanket scarves are bigger than a normal scarf, so you can wrap yourself snug inside them. We even popped together a handy guide with 5 different ways to wear your blanket scarf if you get stuck on styling, or just want to try something new!

Here in Scotland we're used to grey and rainy Summers, followed by a snowy-white winter wonderland. We hand-picked these bright and pastel shades to bring you a pop of colour no matter the season. These blankets and scarves will see you from summer road trips, right through to cuddling up on the sofa with a good book (and a hot chocolate of course!). 

We think they would make the best Christmas present for someone you love. Our blankets and scarves, like all of our products, come to you already gift wrapped by Grant and Neil from our warehouse, so you can give them straight to the recipient. We want to help you spend more time with the people who matter most, and less time worrying and wrapping!

Blankets can be found in our Lambswool Blanket Collection, and the scarves in our Blanket Scarves Collection