3 ways to style a triangle scarf

Picture this: It’s autumn. But not really, because the sun is still shining and you’re suspicious that it might be bright, but not warm outside. The inner turmoil of what to wear when transitioning from summer to autumn is something we face every year - so it’s all about the transitional layers.

Our must-have item for this season is the super versatile triangle scarf. It can be paired with any outfit to give it the sartorial new season update we all crave come autumn. 

How to wear a triangle scarf

Your best friend on a cooler day, the triangle scarf can be worn tied in a simple knot at the front for an elegant, effortless look, or wrapped around your neck and tied at the back for a cosier fit. 

Our Brand Stylist, Chloe, shares her tips on how to wear a triangle scarf three ways this season. 

The Front Knot

For the front knot look, begin with the scarf draped around your neck, tie it at the front and leave one end longer than the other. 

Tie the ends in a loose knot, and adjust to allow an asymmetrical finish. 

The Neckerchief

The neckerchief more your style? Start by rolling your triangle scarf and drape around your neck with the ties at the back.

Wrap the ends back round to the front and knot together the ends.  Adjust accordingly for a nice snug fit around your neck. 

The Classic Drape

For a timeless scarf look, drape the scarf around your neck with the longer ties at the front. Adjust the ties over your knitwear or jacket, and voila! You’re done. An effortless addition to your outfit is complete.