Our Pledge

Our Pledge

1% for the Planet,
1% for the People

Through our Positive Impact Pledge, 2% of each and every purchase you make is donated to charities that protect the planet and give to those in need. We choose to donate from our annual revenue instead of just our profit for maximum impact, making the world a little warmer with each blanket, scarf and gift.

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Donated to charity

2% of every purchase you make supports positive impact charities.

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Garments saved from landfill

Each recycled wool blanket saves an average of 6 garments from landfill.

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Moments of warmth shared

Each and every order is for sharing warmth, on the outside and the inside.

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B Corporation Points

Meeting high standards of social and environmental impact.

Positive Impact Charities

2% of your every purchase is donated back to environmental and people-based charities. Every month, we donate to those in need - this means every time you choose to share warmth with TBCo you are also choosing to share with others.

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Sewadham Ashram

Sewadham Ashram is an integral part of the community for our recycled wool partner mill in India. Their volunteers lovingly provide lifetime shelter and rehabilitation for those unable to care for themselves across various hardships including illness and poverty without any discrimination of caste, creed, region, or age.

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Cool Earth

Cool Earth works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change. They champion the relationship between people, rainforest and climate. Their incredible work gives cash direct to rainforest communities, to fund projects that create choice, tackle the root causes of deforestation and protect vital carbon sinks.

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Givewell is dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities. Their Top Charities Fund supports positive impact charities with high-priority needs. Instead of focusing solely on financials like administrative or fundraising costs, Givewell conducts in-depth research into how much good a given program accomplishes, such as lives saved or improved, per donation given.

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Ocean Generation

Ocean Generation is an inclusive global movement that exists to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the ocean. They turn ocean science into understandable and practical tools that people everywhere can use in their daily lives. Their work supports a world where the ocean is freed from human threats within a generation.

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World Land Trust

World Land Trust is an international conservation charity that protects the world's most biologically significant and threatened habitats acre by acre. Working through a network of partner organisations around the world, WLT funds the creation of reserves and provides permanent protection for habitats and wildlife.

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Responsibly Made

Our B Corp certification ensures we are meeting high standards of social and environmental impact, and that we have robust procedures in place to deliver on our commitments. Together, we can transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

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Consciously Sourced

You can rest easy knowing that your wool has been sourced from partner mills that share our mission statement of positively impacting the planet and its people. We invest in our supply chain and opt to ship by sea freight where possible.

Recyclable Materials

The best part about opening your TBCo box? Produced in Scotland, it's fully recyclable and FSC-certified and is printed with water-based inks.

Want to make your package fully recycled? Our Recycled Wool blankets are made from 70% recycled wool fibres and 30% recycled man-made fibres.

"What we are most proud of is our decision to prioritise TBCo's positive impact on the people and the world around us."

Emma Macdonald, CEO

TBCo co-founder, Emma Macdonald

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