3 reasons you need a travel blanket

Travel season is upon us, officially. We know that comfort is key, but who says you can’t be a jet setter and be stylish? One accessory every traveller should have in their carry-on is the travel blanket. Versatile, compact and classic, a travel blanket brings fashion to function and elevates your travel experience. 

Why do I need a blanket for travelling?

A travel blanket can be used for all aspects of travelling - to keep warm on your flight or in the car, for doubling as a wrap in cooler evenings, or for making any spot your spot with a summer picnic. 

1. Practical comfort

They say it’s all about the journey, not the destination, and that’s true when you’ve got a blanket as a travel companion. Long flights, trains or road trips can be transformed into cosy havens - no more shivering in staticky aeroplane blankets and sacrificing style for comfort. 

2. Make it fashion

A bright orange EasyJet blanket might keep you warm in a pinch, but for starters, you can’t take it off the plane with you, and secondly - they look a bit rubbish, eh? A small blanket can keep you cosy when travelling and transform into a classic scarf or shawl, making you feel like you’re hitting the runway when taking that first step in a new country. 

3. Keep it compact

If you know you’re going to be outdoors and exploring, a compact picnic blanket is a smaller blanket you can pack for big adventures - and it’s discreet enough that it won’t take up space, whether you pop it in your hand luggage for a long-haul flight or in the boot for a cross-country road trip. 

What blanket should I bring for travelling?

Which blanket you bring with you depends on what you’re planning for your jollies.  

A knee blanket is perfect for long journeys by car, train or plane - it’ll keep you warm and can be neatly stored away when the sun comes out. 

Alternatively, if you’re after something a bit more versatile, a blanket scarf can act as a small blanket when travelling, and quickly transform into a stylish accessory. We recommend including a blanket scarf as part of your capsule travel wardrobe; timeless and transformative with any outfit. 

For those who are always on the go and looking for the next big adventure, a picnic blanket is a must-have summer companion. Turn any spot into your spot, whether you’re exploring an urban setting or hiking through rolling hills.