How should I dress for autumn?

The minute the first ochre-coloured leaf floats to the ground, we know it’s time for autumn. You can catch us bundled up underneath multiple layers, re-introducing our favourite trench coat to the world, and accessorising our outfits with a lusciously long scarf

This autumn winter, we’re looking to the outdoors in our fashion choices; textures, patterns and colours are inspired by nature’s changing season and re-defined for the contemporary wardrobe. 

What is on trend for autumn 2023?

Two trend stories we’re following closely are: re-rooted and supercharged, both of which encourage tactile fashion, dopamine dressing and natural fabrics against the backdrop of an increasingly fast-paced and fast-fashion world. 

The re-rooted story is a resurgent interest in the outdoors, where cosy comfort, versatile and durable fibres, and fashion-led styles converge for an adventurous take on AW23 style. 

Supercharged, on the other hand, whilst still embracing natural textiles, embraces modernity and expands into the otherworldly. Supercharged fashion is immersive, blurring the boundary between the physical product and the digital landscape by which it was produced.  

What colours should I wear for autumn?

This AW23, colour is taking centre stage. A monochromatic outfit in either red, green or pink hues reflects a timeless autumn colour palette but can be elevated with just the right accessories. 

Wearing red, either as part of your full ensemble or as an accessory, is a maximalist statement in the face of quiet luxury. Red is bold, it is loud, it is drama - but worn the right way, can be a subtle nod to playfulness and joy in an outfit. 

Pink has been the colour of the year in 2023, thanks to its renaissance during the Barbiecore movement this summer. This dopamine-inducing shade is carrying on its trajectory through autumn and winter - and don’t worry, if bright pink isn’t your thing, an understated hint of rose or a whisper of magenta can be a delicate addition to your wardrobe. 

Finally, the colour of the season has to be green. A deep, forest green that reminds us of evergreen trees and foggy winter mornings. Green can be bold but quiet in tone, maximalist or subdued - it all depends on how you style it. Make a statement with a lighter shade like lime green, or tie an outfit together with a rich green scarf