TBCo Looks Good on Louisa Hatt: Defining Your Personal Style

fashion blogger in edinburgh
Welcome to our TBCo Looks Good On You Series, a collection of interviews with inspiring people from our TBCo community about what sharing warmth means to them. From favourite hobbies, to family gatherings, to trips around the world, join us as we find out what tiny things in life give us the same feeling as a piping hot latte on a cold winter afternoon!
This month, we are joined by Louisa, otherwise known as fashion content creator @louisahatt. Louisa is an Edinburgh local with a passion for black leather jackets and photographing her wardrobe. 

Tell us a little about yourself & your personal style! 

Hey, I’m Louisa and an accountant by profession, but don’t come to me for financial advice as I spend all my money on clothes and shoes! I started my blog in 2019 as a creative outlet. I write about the best pieces to invest in and I highlight some of the incredible small Black-owned businesses I love.

I’ve always taken shots of what I’m wearing as a way to catalogue the pieces I have, and it has been a great way to help me define my personal style. I had a wardrobe full of clothes that I hardly wore, so taking shots of my daily outfits helped me understand which pieces I would wear on rotation and which pieces I could re-home. 

I’m all about dressing for comfort. You can still express your sense of style without compromising on comfort. I love tailored trousers, barrel leg jeans and cropped jackets. I’m not big on jewellery but I always wear hoop earrings. I don’t feel fully dressed unless I’m wearing those, they’re like a comfort blanket to me.

It's a new year! Can you tell us a little bit about your goals for 2023?

My goals this year are to be to be more present, spend less time on my phone (this should help with the first goal!) and start journaling. I think all three are connected so if I can master one then hopefully the others will come more easily.

What does the phrase ‘share warmth’ make you think of? 

I love giving thoughtful gifts to friends and family, that’s how I share warmth. My mum had a digital image of an old photo of her and her 4 sisters and cousins in Ghana. I managed to get the photo, printed it and had it framed for her. She didn’t expect it and loved it so much.

fashion blogger in edinburgh

Can you share some top tips for a 2023 wardrobe refresh? 

I recommend taking shots of what you’re wearing as a starting point. You don’t have to post them on Instagram but it’s a good way to build your understanding of your key go-to pieces. 
Then get rid of pieces you don’t wear by giving them to a charity shop, selling them or repurposing the fabric. Having a wardrobe full of clothes can be quite stressful to manage. I know it’s not easy to get rid of clothes, particularly when you have memories associated with them, but it makes a huge difference to defining your personal style and deciding how to refresh your wardrobe. 

When you’ve decided what pieces you want to keep, try them on. If they don’t fit, consider if you can get them altered. This is always a better approach than buying something new. 

Try on pieces that you haven’t worn together before. If you’ve had some pieces for a while you may not have considered pairing items/colours together.

I’ve recently started wearing an oversized green shirt under a brown knitted vest. It’s not a combination I’d have put together last year but I really like how they look against each other.

If you’re looking to introduce colour into your wardrobe, then a colourful square silk scarf is a good way to start. They can be worn multiple ways so are really versatile. You can wear it as a headscarf, hair tie, wrapped around your neck, as a belt (depending on the size) or my favourite way is tied to a bag. 

fashion blogger louisa hatt

What is your go-to movie, TV show, podcast or book right now? 

I’m loving Kathy Burke’s podcast Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wake. She asks her famous guests to plan their own funerals. It sounds morbid but its really funny and surprisingly uplifting. The episode with Diane Morgan is my favourite. 

My go-to movies are horror movies, again I know this sounds morbid, but there are some brilliant classic horrors I watch over and over. The classic ones from the 60’s and 70’s are my favourites such as Dr Terrors House of Horrors and The Brood. The House of the Devil was made more recently but is set in the 80’s. I like that film a lot.

I’ve started reading Conversations with Friends. I’m enjoying it but I’m a slow reader so I’ll probably finish it in about 8 months!

Do you have a favourite TBCo product? How would you style it with an outfit? 

I’m always cold so I love the blanket scarf. It’s big enough to swaddle me and it feels like I’m wearing a hug. I have it in Cobalt Houndstooth. I like to style it with an all black outfit as it brings a point of interest. When I wear it with my black leather jacket you can see the beautiful weave of the scarf better due to the contrasting fabrics. 

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You can find Louisa on her Instagram or check out her blog.