What is recycled wool? Answering your questions!

Recycled Wool is the solution to bringing sustainable style into your home. It’s a way to invest in your interiors without creating a need for new materials. It rescues pre-loved items from landfill and makes your home look good whilst helping to save the planet.

In short, our Recycled Wool Blankets are made from 70% recycled wool fibres and strengthened with 30% recycled man-made fibres saved from garments bound for landfill. 

What is the difference between wool and recycled wool?

When it comes down to it, there’s not much difference between wool and recycled wool. Both fibres are biodegradable, natural, hypoallergenic and can be sustainably sourced. 

Recycled wool however needs to be blended with other recycled mixed fibres to create a soft, durable yarn, as the wool can sometimes be too short to re-spin. 

Woollen garments being sorted into coloured piles before being washed and recycled

How is recycled wool made?

The process of making recycled wool starts with rescuing previously worn items that were headed to landfill. These items instead make their way to our recycled wool partner mill in India. 

  • Pre-loved clothes are sorted into colour and shade groups to reduce the need to re-dye any fabric. 
  • The garments are then of course washed and dried, and all embellishments like buttons and zippers are removed
  • We’ve worked with our supplier to install a process in which wastewater can be reused, reducing water consumption all around. Similarly, any heat produced by the factory is re-used throughout the buildings, creating less waste. 
  • The fabric is then torn into shreds - ready to be broken down using traditional hand shearing methods.  and is then broken down further by machines. 
  • After this, the shredded wool fibres are then blended with recycled polyester (also saved from landfill in order to create a more durable yarn. This is then spun onto bobbins and cones, ready to be woven into your favourite Recycled Wool Blankets

How are the blankets finished?

We are extremely proud of every part of the process that goes into making our recycled wool blankets. However, what we think makes them extra special is that each and every one of them is hand-finished. 

It’s common for woollen blankets and scarves to be finished by a machine for perfection, but by opting for a hand-rolled fringe we are supporting a community of women within our partner mills district. This supports a growing industry in India providing job opportunities in a climate where little over 33% of women are able to find employment

The handrolling process for our Recycled wool blankets

Is recycled wool sustainable?

Yes! Recycled Wool is a great sustainable alternative to other fibre blends that are often made from mixed plastics (think nylon, polyester etc). 

In fact, one full-sized Recycled Wool Blanket from TBCo saves, on average, six woollen garments from landfill, and you’ve helped us save over 800,000 garments so far. So when we say ‘it’s a blanket that’s as good for you as it is for the planet’ - we mean it. 

It is estimated that around 92 million tonnes of textile waste are created globally each year, but where others see waste, we see a valuable resource. Even the off-cuts from our Recycled Wool Blankets are repurposed into much-loved pet blankets. 

At our partner mill in particular, we are invested in helping them make positive changes; for example, we have helped our mill get their Global Recycling Standard (GRS) Certification. 

Our partnership has helped the mill achieve eco-friendly milestones like reusing heat from its boiler to warm the water for washing the blankets and reducing Co2 emissions by 95% as opposed to creating virgin wool. 

We celebrated B Corp Month 2023 by visiting our partner mill in India, which you can read about here.

TBCo Recycled Wool Blanket as home decor, thrown across a bed with linen sheets

Recycled wool throws and blankets 

A TBCo Recycled Wool Blanket is much more than just a throw. It's where style meets sustainability, warmth meets wellness; it’s a home accessory that’s as good for you as it is for the planet.

Wool is a miracle material. It’s a renewable fibre, but also hypoallergenic, dirt and odour resistant, and proven to help temperature regulation – something integral in helping us get a good night’s sleep. 

When you’re in need of an extra layer on the couch, or you’re looking for a way to update your living space, choosing a Recycled Wool Blanket is to choose sharing warmth; not just with yourself, but with the planet and the people who inhabit it.