Wool Vs Electric Blankets: Which is better?

Snuggled up on the couch with an alpaca wool blanket

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. 

That’s it. 

It’s frightfully cold outside, eh?  

When the temperature drops and the rain and snow clouds loom overhead, the natural thing to do is to pick up your favourite blanket, get wrapped up and assume the position on the couch until you feel comfortable enough to move again. We get it, we’ve been there. 

So when it comes to picking which blanket is best for keeping you cosy, is it best to go for an electric blanket or a wool one

Sleep under a wool blanket, not an electric one

Should I get an electric blanket or a throw?

An electric blanket may seem like the obvious choice thanks to its ability to heat up quickly - we’ll give props where props are due. However electric blankets can be clunky, their wiring gets in the way and are sometimes prone to overheating. 

A wool blanket is a natural, sustainable alternative to staying warm, and we’re here to help share why. 

Why wool blankets are better than electric blankets

Staying warm

Having a blanket heat up quickly is a mercy unto itself when it’s freezing, but what about retaining that heat and staying warm? The individual fibres in wool are structured in such a way that not only does the wool generate heat whilst you’re wrapped up in it, but it keeps the heat under the blanket, raising your body temperature. 

The air pockets that are generated under the blanket are trapped within the wool, and conduct heat when you’re feeling cold, and can also keep you cool when you’re warm. Not magic, just wool

Stay warm in bed with a TBCo. wool blanket


Wool is a naturally occurring material - it’s renewable and sustainable and at TBCo, we partner with family and animal-first mills that are responsible and accountable for the welfare of the sheep. You don’t need an outlet or batteries for a wool blanket, making it kinder for the environment (and your wallet) to use. Wool is also incredibly durable and long-lasting, so when cared for properly your woollen blanket could keep you cosy for years to come! 

For an added layer of sustainability, a Recycled Wool Blanket  saves, on average, six woolly garments from landfill and is made from re-spun, recycled fibres. A blanket that’s as good for you as it is for the planet. 

Recycled Wool Blanket

Keep warm, look cool

Style might not be a priority when it comes to choosing a warm blanket, but let’s be honest – electric blankets aren’t the nicest to look at. A woollen blanket allows you to add personality, colour and charm to your home. Most electric blankets will be rolled up and shoved in the cupboard after winter, but you can use your woollen blanket year-round. Whether you’re experimenting with colour in your living room and need an accent piece to draw the space together, or you want a blanket that you can keep with you even in summer, wool is the choice for you. 

Stay warm, choose wool.

Stay warm, choose wool

If you’re looking for a quick way to stay warm during winter, and to stay warm, then look no further. Find comfort and cosy in a woollen blanket