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Q + A

Influencer Anna Cascarina 

TBCo. Designer  Jade Milne

TBCo. Co-founder Emma Macdonald

The Design Process

What inspired your design for the scarf?

Anna: My inspiration for the scarf came from my love of mixing prints. I wanted the end result to be simple so that it goes with everything, but still have a hint of my own eclectic style. I was adamant that I wanted a mix of patterns and the neon yellow stripe brings a modern touch to the traditional tartan.

I’ve always loved putting my own spin on things when it comes to fashion and having the opportunity to design my own scarf, that has my own personality woven in, was a dream. I love searching for inspiration and creating Pinterest boards and mood boards that reflect my ideas, so seeing my design come to life was amazing.

Emma: The Tartan Blanket Co. was created with the aim of weaving modern, timeless design elements into the naturally sustainable, traditional tartan blankets which we create. Our new collection focuses on bringing elements of nature and sustainability, right through from the wool sourced to the colours and designs created. We married simple, paired back designs and block colours, with more traditional tartan designs. Anna’s design takes this story and elevates it further into the design arena, making for a more striking, but still classic design playing on the timeless fashion of tartan.

Can you walk us through how it came to life?

Jade: We began the design process by researching various traditional tartans to inspire our own design. Anna created some beautiful mood boards and colour palettes based on her market research, inspiration and design ideas. From here we began building out some design concepts and elements. We all loved the idea of fusing different woven patterns (weave types) but this posed some technical challenges, so to create the impression of various woven structures merging, we combined our bespoke tartan sett with a contrasting linear block at one end of the scarf. Anna has a great eye for colour due to her styling background.

After numerous skype meetings to discuss design development, we made tweaks from there to finalise the design and carried the colour and theme of the design through to the packaging and design elements.

Is it limited edition?

Jade: Yes! It's only available through TBCo. and it's limited edition. There are only 25 available for preorder, and there are only 160 in the world!

Why Anna?

Why did you choose to collaborate with Anna?

Emma: Because she’s real. She uses her extensive fashion background as a magazine editor and educator to make fashion accessible and inclusive for all. She is mindful of those who are under-represented, particularly middle-aged, mid-sized women, and has done a wonderful job calling attention to it with a knowledgeable voice. 

Anna: It means so much that The Tartan Blanket Co. had faith in me and my vision. We bounced ideas off each other and the design team truly understood what I wanted the scarf to look like. Working with such a wonderful team made the process so enjoyable and meeting them in Edinburgh and seeing where all the magic happens was a real treat.


What was the most exciting part of creating the scarf?

Anna: I can’t wait to see how people wear it and style it but more than that, I’d love to see people gift it to loved ones and see it bring a little bit of warmth into someone else’s life. I am so happy with the result, there is nothing like wrapping up warm on a crisp autumn day and I hope that everyone who buys the scarf enjoys wearing it just as much as I do.

Emma: Seeing people gift it to each other! All our products and designs are created around the concept of colsie. Colsie is the traditional Scots for cosy. We believe colsie is about slowing down and taking time for yourself, finding warmth and comfort in the simple things in life, such as curling up in a blanket reading a book by the fire. We want people to be able to gift this concept, as they would offer a loved one a cup of tea or a hug, when needed. Wrapping someone in a beautiful, natural and thoughtful blanket or scarf, we feel, is a way of showing someone you care about real warmth and affection, and we think everyone deserves to be made to feel truly valued and loved in this way.



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